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Now back to chip Franklin on K G O eight ten. Ninety nine percent of the time. When I say, something and NICKY have you heard about, and she goes, I just did it my newscast. I just did it my newscasts weren't you? Listening to me. So now, I actually told her a news story, and I got like oh my God. So it makes me done. It yet point is that I do the news story. This story worry about two different things. Like did you hear there was an earthquake today? Nikki thank you didn't say that. No, no, no. I asked you. I said it was it was a six point seven originally. And I haven't told people point. Oh, anyway. Awesome deal with anyway. So we got that coming up at six thirty. This is an an NPR legend who gone now because he made a bad joke about something. That is a well, we'll talk about it. Because I I don't think you should have been fired. And well, I'll tell you why. And we'll get to it. So vaccines back in the if you did you see the John Adams on HBO? That was amazing starring yeah. What's his face from billions? His dad was the Louise how do I forget his name? Right now. Yeah, we'll get Tennyson. But do you. Remember, they did vaccines, and they would people that got smallpox. I mean. Cut you in. Cut the scab off. And then they would take that. And put it in some cut somebody and put it in their body. So they wouldn't get it. It was and they understood it here we are two hundred and fifty years later, and we still Donald Trump going people say vaccines can cause autism. By the way, that was a fake report it there's no connection at all between vaccines and autism. None whatsoever. Foster city, Harry, you heard that last guy man, I didn't wanna be mean to that cat, but I was trying to give him facts. Well, you know, I'm curious as to where he got his tax. It sounds like he's reading report it was written at pong pizza by John Podesta after visiting area. Fifty one. Head off, please. Right. You know, and and the heartbreaking part about that is is that I think that that I don't know if he had a personal experience with it or something with a child, I I have friends who have kids that have autism. And and there, and they were in enclosed in a group of people with other parents, and they they referred to that fake report about the connection between autism autism and vaccines, and they just wanted to they wanted. They wanted a reason why their kid got it. And I totally get that part. If your kid has something wrong with them you go. Why us that's not fair? You are exactly right. And you have to look at the numbers you have to look at the source and particularly in the case of autism. You know, a lot of the autism. You know, it just happens to phone to that demographic group of women who are who are over forty having the first child and all of a sudden autism autism goes way up. Yeah. They they don't know. I mean, you know, because the the spectrum is so wide now. I mean, I guarantee you that I'm on parts of the spectrum. And if you wanna go down far enough, right? I mean, and so children that have some social mile life growing up. I would say whatever I thought, you know, I was a kid and it got me in a lot of trouble in today. They would say, oh he's on the spectrum. So that's one thing. But vaccines. You know, my mom vaccinated all of us single mom five kids. We all got our vaccinations. And you know, I was I'm old enough that I got the little sugar cube for polio. Did you get that? Remember that? Yes, I'm old enough to remember. Yeah. So anyway, so there's there's something about the desire. I think to have an explanation for something that they look to vaccines as something. I mean, if you're a conspiracy free having the government involved in this mass inoculation, even though it's all done by individual practitioners. It's just it sounds conspiratorial. And I guess, you know, people like to have answers, even after the wrong ones. It does. You know, you can make you can make a case for autism one way or the other you can play with the numbers. What to take a look at something like? I mean that is just. Yeah. That was that was a new one for me. I hadn't heard that one before. But I did I had time to look it up. And I I went to the the the again, I'll tell people if they want to check it out American journal of epidemiology. And if you look up a leukemia, the there's a whole long study, and I went through the whole thing as much as I can understand. I got to the very end where they do. It says a large view, and it says right there, no association was found between child leukemia and exposure to several common vaccines, and they go all through measles mumps, and I'm are everything. So, hey, thanks for the call Harry appreciated by well. That is Nikki right there. I'm chip this is Katie and running park. It's frustrating indicating. Oh, my goodness chip. It's very frustrating. Hi, nicky. So I want to say that I worked in Marin county for a private and federally funded out there, and I also worked with the doctor who was very holistic in her her point of views towards vaccine. However, she agrees with you know, the state laws that every child should be back Sonate it not only that. But it is a case by case basis. You know, you have reactions to medications, whether you know, it's a side effect, or it's a reaction to something. That's just the way it is. You cannot sit here and say that vaccines caused in kids when in all technicality, it's a case by case basis. But here's the deal. We have a president of the United States just makes crap up and pulls it out his butt. And it's you know, the journalists is today aren't prepared to. To counter it in the way that you, and I do which is like, hey, you're crazy. They just keep elected a hotel owner for a president now. Now, it is. I mean than that a reality star, you know that. Sociopath. I mean all that stuff comes into play. And he's actually he's he is the reason we're talking about this is because the dust the measles around the world is skyrocketing, and we have a president United States. Our president saying that that it can cause autism. He said that it's because he's putting limitations on the insurance companies, and who we can ensure we cannot ensure if he was to sit there and say, hey, every child should be insured. They would be properly vaccinated and well fed instead of prices of food growing up in housing going up and people not being able to afford to live. I say that when we look back on this one hundred years from now, we're not gonna look at Trump. We're gonna look at those of us who allow Trump to happen. Great. Thanks for the call. You have a great weekend. All right. Of course, you two things guys coming up. I had news story that Nikki is going to tell you about. She has a big news story coming up in just a second. But I want to give away.

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