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The fun with the steelers and the pats and obviously the sunday night game as well five hundred and four yards of offense 27 first downs still not enough to scored thirty points or get a win for the giant and the paul just roll into the end zone heard is so unacceptable so unacceptable father giant special teams awful thought poppa carl banks here on the fans the giants filled up there kicking game bingo card walk the extrapoint and block point and that block field goal attempt as aljic rose us lined up for the go ahead 48yard early in the fourth quarter eagles added a field goal of their own giants couldn't score late they lose thirty four twenty nine at metlife here's snags special teams killed gotta get you i mean when it will see the film that idea whether it was stepped serve now who didn't who didn't punch pawns can't have at this time of year we need to have that all firmed and was a renaissance performance for eli manning though thirty seven of fifty seven four 34 through the air three titties the one pick though he laments not punch she can emma thirteen play drive down the stretch incomplete for rookie evan ingraham in the end zone on a whole lot of great fourth and tin fourth and go from ten calls found that essentially ended the game nick foes great in his started this season fares on out could have been i mean i i thought for sure you and see a flag an area said there's jerry always points out you sitting there at the end of the game here goes to throw in the end zone you're waiting for the flight yeah and the flag never materialized i actually thought it looked like his right arm was held down hold as all up by may and i'm like i can't believe it in proline allowed to jump for the ball iran kit that call did you see already burns's catch minority burns uh who was a catching the this uri was it ally rogers the eli rogers or martavis rana martavis bryant the one the.

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