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Not dillon. Also alty mad about every. No, no, no, no, no, no Dylan is good. I talked to him before we started the podcast. Dylan is any zen place. Dylan is excited to be in Atlanta. And even though the festivities haven't really kicked off. They really haven't gotten going Dylan is happy to be there. Right. Dylan due to sue cold here, man. It's like, really cold. And they they're saying it's going to snow tomorrow or something. I don't like that. I don't know. I got my like Winter Olympics clothes on right now. Okay. One more time Dylan you happy to be there. Right. Of course. I'm happy. But I am happy to be here. I mean have you ever covered Super Bowl before? I never have. Okay. So this could be like, yes. So this is you know, I mean, the people that have been here before kind of warning me about what a grind this week is going to be and how circus it's going to be and just kind of the way their demeanor. Maybe diminish my enthusiasm a little bit. You know, usually. I know it's the opposite. Right. I diminish others people's enthusiasm. But right now, the veterans are kind of sapping anatomy a little bit. Now, we joke with you about your being salty a lot of tongue in cheek. But you just said you're going to the Super Bowl the first time working as a member of the media covering the SuperBowl. Have you ever been to one of the fan? Never know this all brand new for you. That's good. Yeah. It is you know, and it's kinda cool because I mean, we were hearing this work room. And granted, you know, obviously say before I was a columnist does a baseball guy. So the baseball writing circles, more my circle. So I don't know like a ton of people. Here. But you know, one thing it was pretty cool. I ran into a reporter from Mexico who I've known from covering boxing, and he's also been around like the dodgers bit. So you kind of you know, in in just kind of walking through this pressroom, I've heard a few different languages. So that's kind of cool. You kind of see that. This is this is a legitimate big event. I think I read somewhere that more than five thousand people are going to be credentialed for this Super Bowl so win. Yeah. That many people you have millions of dollars everywhere security's gotta be crazy. Right. Oh, yeah. Atlanta's like a police state right now, you know, was I went over to the Rams hotel last night to go chat with somebody. And I was kind of outside someone smoking cigars and stuff and the ad police dogs were there like every five ten minutes. I mean, even here, you know, keep in mind to get into right now, we're like in the media center and the media workroom, and you know, if you kind of walk outside to radio row, you can't go like five ten feet without some dogs sniffing. You right. So they're everywhere. Kind of funny thing actually, the bathrooms are on the far end of the radio. Oh row there against the wall. And even that is kind of like barricade in says credential required. I guess you got to you need a credential to to go answer nature's call is this like a big convention center where you at. Yeah. It's like a convention center. I'm not exactly sure what this is. I should know. But I just blindly followed my colleagues in here because that's what I do. Sometimes it just blindly follow people. I kinda like that Dylan Hernandez is out of his comfort zone that you don't know where you're at what you're gonna do are you gonna write every single day. Probably. I mean, you know, we're I think we're pretty flexible, but I think that's more or less the plan. Yes. So I mean, I got you know, I have some ideas. I got some tricks up my sleeve, I think so do you know anything about the Rams? Yeah. I mean, I was I was there in training camp. You know, I think I wrote I don't know two three columns. I know you've been around. No. But do you know anything about 'em? Yeah. You don't have your pulse on them. Right. You don't know every knickknack? We'll they're running. Okay. Well, I can see the running back. Has messed up, and that's probably what they're gonna lose your really calling them. Okay. Right, right. Dylan Hernandez Super Bowl. Fifty three prediction is patriots sixty ramp zero..

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