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Interview with ABC news Wednesday, President Trump insisted that if a foreign power offered compromising information on his twenty twenty presidential opponent, he'd be open to accepting it. And he would feel no obligation to call the FBI, regarded Representative Brenda. Lawrence condemn the president's comments. This man is talking about, and he is the president of the United States is how he can violate the rules and policies of our country by for hitting outside foreign entities to interfere with five democracy. It is it is passed sad. It is cast. Frustration. This is criminal Riley scored for the fourth straight game rookie Jordan, Binghamton stuff. Thirty two shots in game seven of the Stanley Cup final tonight to lead the Saint Louis blues to a four one victory over the Boston Bruins and the first NHL championship later, thirteen blues, took their term with the trophy racing, and above their heads lowering for kiss. President Trump met with his polish counterparts at the White House Wednesday for a broad discussion that included energy. The president announced the US in Poland of signed a joint declaration, affirming defense cooperation. They also talked about energy. We support Poland's construction of the Baltic pipeline, which will help European countries diversify their energy. Sources lend is also expanding on the nuclear front. Our countries also signed an agreement to expand US polish civil nuclear cooperation, which will likewise, advanced pollens energy and security, and deepen our bilateral commercial ties, Trump added the US in Poland or not only bound by strategic. Partnership, but deep common values, shared goals, and abiding friendship. Linda Kenyon, Washington has legalized medically assisted suicide. Governor had previously said she was unsure about the Bill. But governor Janet Mills signed it Wednesday saying she will hope that used sparingly I'm Elliot Francis. Meet Jerry, he suffers from sleep apnea or could wake the dead with my snoring, but c-pap wasn't working for him? That's when Jerry discovered inspire a sleep apnea solution and alternative c-pap. There's just no feeling like.

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