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Things that they used to love. And we're moving into the venture Marianao overall but it's also wall which includes him Nazi various spied upon honor. That's not the most sexy but I just love affection relent to let today its own thing. I'm a saver Harra. But the the real star of the show here is this post-debate. Coveting Brahms Coveting Mania. We've been lovely pineapples as videos which is great because actually I guess it's a real as opposed to wooden pint. Korva came up with that awesome. I'm just not so powerful EMBROI- and you'll lie on it because that would long but it does he reminds me but really colorful wanted game and giving Roy vibrant tropical effect also joy. I two that no splendid ameliorative Clinton is originally from Trinidad absolutely awesome clarify. It's about a meter high right right and he still is having the mirror. Sort of thing. Lovely really nice okay. We're moving on to the kitchen now. Kitchen all sorts of crazy things going on we've got. We filled it with carnivorous plants. Plants which are insect eating glance and pin grid. Healers these through even goes from. Saracini is in there as well. And it's all mounted a fine layer moss. So it's not involve a law degree life as well. The unethical dependence penalties now. Some more easy skate hands on the kitchen really is the perfect place to put business. Because you are in if I even see environment and They'd be very happy to Yeah this is. This is three something. I bet sometimes put together though because it's all about the attention to detail here. Yes very much. And so he's the it does the how all ethos behind stays. We really wanted to lock. He's always been the speak. And so those finessing. Those details are so crucial. Ross blind there's are a proper primetime with some Sarah CD's again up three that a home. A point drainage heat nice and moist that would that would be a lovely play again. He could easily recreate. One of my favorite features on this area is these. Am so-so on the board. Like plates pig. But they look they look at. That really really cool. Okay let's move on through. The crowds now isn't via dining area now. I love the fact. He bought Z. Coming OUT OF THE STARTING JEB. This power peachy is a real. Gruza is a hugely vigorous having it Susan flaunted who sit around tell you. They're not one of them. Had A glossy widen foreign off his chair and ball champagne exploding mid mid flown but what I love most about. This area is over the taxes in the. I'm just going to say that is so cool. I got some kind of a this thing. Looks so cool and kind of like he's having a tantrum inexact chat and Yeah he's being contained by the By the bars which he's pretty under the shopping with the Coming out of it again. That's amazing that whoever came up with that was used to join my colleagues very. I need to stay pawns. Coming out of another chair basinas. It's just very cleverly done. Am I now when I'm sure my family very very small? If you'RE GONNA go gosh some of these older chazz have right. Salsa strange five is just in case yet. Esta goodbye and again you could just take one tiny element of this Spanish Moss. Coming down off the lighting. That would be one floor hall. This he could bring to your own home very much Is there anything else you points out? That would be quite nice in terms. Better drinks cabinet going exploding globe filled with old during to drink. But you could quite easily in your environment. Just not working together quite nicely. That is also. There are so many things here that I absolutely love. It's a real treat that what you've created here. How long has this in place for you to actually sir? We have Poll actually it's GonNa be a difference in the first and then you find plenty of time to recommend hearts squad without coming saying yeah. They'll be most photos in my show. Speaking come have a look at the look at the patriots as other things so hopefully that will get a really good sense. You and I think he's great to see a real a real iconic guard like we saw really kind of pushing the boundaries of with houseboats. And showing how you can just do something a bit different and not. Lovely and wonderful is C. Houseplants arranged impeccably on staging. It's really nice to have a totally different approach where you can see something really really different. Yeah he said one palm in here the most the most attention when you're seeing people look around. I'm wondering if it might be one of these really tall CACTI all the polls here should not right. It's fun it is. Let me just get the full. Always eating games okay. She probably ring. Game is a good size plan again. Really quick grow quite exciting another one. Which is the flavored right. grown from in And it's now about high and that's often about two years. Three hundred thirty four gritty. Cool things and do you take what you have close by the headcount of my collection. Two hundred sixty two house okay. Plus significant number of walking evasively start tending your own house clogs slide on a room basis day wise. I forgot about the help. I think pictures of this plus serum in the fall. Yeah that is awesome and again people often dense book for this one of the best places really to accommodate laws practice rooms on the ball. Absolutely loving the t would be great for the attention to the shower. Oh yes that's that's that's a great effect not long so handy for so many different effects. Yeah Yeah really really easy to accommodate in different ways on. You've got loads of. I guess it's that kind of like you're matching. The front with the baby is a baby tears. A yes hallway. Interesting funds relied not high humidity. Which shower down on the voice of Eastern on Earth? Even school that core football that it was not to them is him with DEG level. That's not swearing. Heavy heavy rainfall. Abu Looks Amazing. How much today maintenance to this? Insulation require. Everyone become out through check. It won't need washing a todd. Popped up so we spend about our least over. Today is quite intensive display. It's been great to do a real good challenge insurance and keeping you very major tactic say once again. Thank you very much and if you want to get a loan to wiz lead to see the amazing exhibition it's until the first of March. Just be warned this weekend. The Fifteenth Sixteenth February Twenty. Twenty is going to be a bit stormy here in the UK. And it's quite possible. That wisely will decide to shut. Its doors for safety reasons to do. Check before traveling if you are planning to go in the next few days all the details of the exhibition or on my website show notes Jane Perron Dot Com along with lots of wonderful photos and do checkout caloms own instagram which is plants with Callum. And now it's time to meet.

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