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Start many states balked at its request earlier this year for detailed voter information so he could check for evidence of fraud now i can secretary of state matthew dunlap one of four democrats on the uh uh john is suing he said he's been kept in the dark about with john huang lei cheryl law dunlap says he's tried to get copies of commission correspondence and details about staffing without s the commission argh pin earlier lawsuits that it is complying with the law pam fester npr news washington named ronnie in officials have seized on nearby uk foreign secretary johnston as evidence that a british iranian woman was spying in iran npr's frank length it reported the mistake is elated the government of embattled british prime minister theresa may not uneasiness cliff was arrested in two thousand sixteen while the iran with a young daughter and sentenced to five years in prison while charges she works for the thomson reuters foundation a charity that promotes independent journalism iraq lifted the charges insisting she was visiting family on but speaking to a uk parliamentary committee last week boris johnson made things worse by saying she was quotes simply teach analysts him iranian state television said dean advert option was evidence ghauri rackliff was a spy jonathan has since apologised saying he could have spoken more clearly but namely features his earlier statement frank length at npr news london at last check on wall street the dow jones industrial average was on one hundred thirteen points at twenty three thousand three hundred forty nine all major market indices are iran one percent this is npr news from kqed news i'm brian watt a key figure in the oakland police department's reform efforts says chief an kirk patrick's credibility could be an issue the chief became the focus of an internal affairs investigation this week kqed sara hussain earlier this year merely be shaft lauded kerkow former but former writers attorney jim channon allegations that the chief made false statements about.

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