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Bradley Cooper, Chris Kristofferson, Imbredded Cooper discussed on Double Toasted



But yeah, man, this is. This. This is a pulling back from what you kind of see here. This movie that we got even though Bradley Cooper is kind of channeling the the nineteen seventy seventy six, six, Chris Christopherson in Barbra Streisand because he's kind of looking like Kristofferson plus they're both Rockstars yet because the in the first two versions the the mail was a Hollywood actor. And then with this one, he's a singer and also Bradley Cooper's singer. And does that kind of country rock? Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. You know us even got the look down kind of like Chris Kristofferson office in in this Bill. And although this is a, this is a big studio film, they've actually pulled back on a lot. Now you got. You can see the money that's in there. Like you see the big arenas with all the screaming fans and all the screaming crowds. I mean, even if those even stage just a lot of people. Sure. A lot of resource to use up unless you just after fix it. Pay concert. The bureau stock. Yes, that I wouldn't even at a ruck is there that was Jay Z's. Imbredded Cooper, you know with this, what I would say is that he resists using the regular conventions of big budget drown this, what I love about it, this there's, no, there's no artificial drama going on, feels like, because there's no, there's no big score throughout the movie. You know, there's there's, no, there's no musical track going through there. Yeah, I guess you're right..

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