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Welcome to the war nomads podcast delivered by wore Norma's the trouble lifestyle and insurance brand is not your usual trouble podcast. It's everything for the adventurous independent traveler Kifah cheating in my name is Kim and alongside me's feel. And in this episode we traveling to Morocco favor you exotic indeed, north African country, bordering the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Do you know is the fifth largest Arab country by population? There's over thirty three and a half million people in the country. Of course, it's nine, four predictably sand dunes, but also beaches, and markets and mountains. And it also feel forms the backdrop to many foreign films that have been entirely or at least partially shot in Morocco, which brings us to you quiz question name, three Hollywood movies that have been filmed in Morocco. And if you say Casablanca, you'll wrong that was filmed in Burbank was entirely. Yeah. We'll have the answer the end of the episode, but we don't have any Hollywood's styling, they sit beside fill the styles in their own pudding yourself. Only runs a business code red season. It's an all in one website for finding and booking combination to the based action sports had been shot in music festivals in the world. He's going to chat surfing in Marocco. We'll find out about capturing the base peaks with Ralph and Claudia woo Shia who story of who Tom of the family and it was around thanksgiving, which is a really important time to Americans, isn't it? Plus make the girls who were traveling to every country in the world. But Al I guest is married Braun. He was a gaming design. I e quit his job to travel. Now he runs the travel blow code indie, traveler and sharing budget travel gods alongside tips on packing and gear. And Morocco is one of the destinations that feature on the spot and Merrick has broken down of his the into three key areas. Yeah, I think what I did was probably so I spent spent a month in Morocco, and it struck me that there are some sort of tin routes that people usually might want to consider. I think there's sort of the standard trip seems to be Marrakesh the city of Marrakesh and the Sahara. Those usually go together in a one week experience where in the old city for a while, you know, exploring the markets, maybe staying in Riyadh. One of those traditional sort of. Almost palatial a little hotels with the courtyard. You go through the Sahara that's like one week, sort of classic Meralco experience. I would say, and there are two others have clusters of. Popular destinations went into north closer to Spain. You can even get there from Spain with the ferry and one further to south, which you can reach quite easily. If you fly to idea, for instance, which is kind of a resort, seaside resort place. Not using my kind of thing I like to explore and discover in the country, but actually it's really well connected. So from there you can do trip around to south very easily. Not many places where you can put sand dunes, betas mountains and desert into the kind of top five it has going for it. It's pretty unique. Yeah, it is. I think Morocco is great. Actually, it's it is a very unique this nation, and it is so close to Europe as well. I mean, I'm from Europe, so it's easy for me to get there. But auto listeners, we might be from Australia, the United States. It's a really great add on to if you're visiting Europe anyway. Because it's just so different you, you go there and just culturally. It's completely different and just visually as well on these desert towns and and these markets and everything is is a whole different little world. It's, it's I like to have these sort of immersive experiences when I travel, and that's really definitely possible in Morocco, whether he in the Sahara where it's just sand stretching out as far as you can see or you're, you're going through a little towns market place, and there's just so many smells and spices and different things going on there so much tippety. So that's just that's just I think one of the most appealing things about Morocco. It just feels like a very, very unique in different place.

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