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Enough for him. I've been staying in safe places moving around to stay low. It'll definitely a day of relief. I'm Marco Woman also today a hopeful story about a man who escaped the war in Syria. Now he's going to school to help fight for his country's future and more, you know, more dangerous. Your dictatorship on human rights groups are asking the 2022 Olympics be moved out of China with a well the evidence that they have at their fingertips. Absolutely ludicrous that they believed this was the right knew those stories and more today here on the world. News. I'm Jack Spear. President elect Joe Biden delivered a speech today, reiterating his campaign promise to protect and build upon the affordable care act. NPR's Windsor Johnston reports. Biden's remarks coming to the U. S. Supreme Court is here in case brought by Republican led states and the Trump Administration seeking to dismantle the Obama era law. Biden says thie argument before the Supreme Court will determine whether the health care coverage of more than 20 million Americans will be at risk in the midst of a pandemic. This doesn't need to be a partisan issue. It's a human issue. It affects every single American family. We can't subvert the growing consensus. The American people based on an argument put forward in the briefs seeking to invalidate the law to of the court's conservative justices suggested they were skeptical of Republican arguments that all of the affordable care act must fall. Even if one key provisions, the individual mandate is found to be unconstitutional. Mr Johnston. NPR NEWS, the nation's top intelligence agency says it can't start working with President Electoral Biden in this transition team until the Trump administration grants formal approval. NPR's Greg Marie has that story as president elect Joe Biden should receive the same daily intelligence briefing is the one that's prepared for President Trump. That's been the tradition for decades. But the office of the director of National Intelligence says in a statement that it cannot have contact with Biden's transition team just yet. Yes, because the Trump administration has not sent a routine letter that authorizes Biden and his team to start receiving government resource is the letter would give Biden's team access across the government. From the basics like office space and death to the highly sensitive like top secret intelligence briefings. Greg Marie NPR NEWS Washington nation's top infectious disease experts, as he is heartened by the early success rate in a trial of a Corona virus vaccine developed by Fizer interview today on MSNBC, Dr Anthony found CI Sing an independent. Bonnie's examine the data and everything looks good, and he said he would not hesitate to take it if it receives final approval. Well, I'm going to look at the data, but I trust fighter. I trust the FDA. These are colleagues of mine for decades. The career scientist if they look at this data And they say this data is solid. Let's go ahead and approve it. I promise you, Andrea. I will take the vaccine and I will recommend that my family take the vaccine. He says He also has no intention of leaving his current role finds her announced this week. It's vaccine candidate appears to be more than 90% effective. Global stock market rally on the hills of some positive developments in the fight against Cove in 19 and the US election results cooling somewhat today Down Jones Industrial Average up 262 points but the NASDAQ was down 159. Yes, and P was down four points. This is NPR. Live from kick you Edie News. I'm terrorists. Tyler, California Health officials are warning that the Cupid 19 virus is becoming more widespread. Contra Costa and Santa Cruz counties are moving back to the second most restrictive tear for reopening. California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr Mark Galley says he expects more counties to do the same. We anticipate of things stay the way they are that between this week and next week over half of California counties will have moved into a more restrictive tear. Galley says. Pandemic fatigue, Maybe driving positivity rates as a desire to get back to normal may lead more people to ignore public health guidelines. Despite a months long statewide campaign to get more public school students, they're required vaccinations. Thousands are still behind cuties Junior McAvoy reports. State law requires proof that students are immunized in order to attend school even remotely. West Contra Costa Unified Superintendent Matthew Duffy estimates at least 600 students in his district are still missing their shots. You have some kids and families were trying to figure that out with them because it's just harder to get the doctor's the California immunization coalitions. Catherine Flores Martin says. Some schools are reluctant to follow the law and stop students from attending during this time of covert upheaval. I think the schools are easy with adding more of a burden on the families to make them go get their shots before they can continue their work at school. Florida's Martin says the hope is that as more schools reopened for hybrid learning on campus There may be a way for students to catch up with on site vaccinations. There. I'm Julia McAvoy Cootie news and I'm terrorist Siler in Oakland. This's support comes from Fergus Garber architects with integrity and artistry, the design custom homes that reflect how their clients live, work and play. Support for the world comes from battle, a language program that uses interactive dialogue and speech recognition technology to teach a new language like Spanish, German or French babble is available in the APP store or online at B A. B A. B e l dot com.

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