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Shane company, my family and our team make it easy to find the perfect holiday gifts. Hi, I'm Roydon chain. And I'm Derek one of our customers favorite gifts to give entry receive is two pieces of jewelry that match like a beautiful necklace matching earrings this year. Our Shane company design team created matching sets inspired by our most popular styles. You'll find gifts with natural diamonds rubies. Sapphires gemstones and cultured pearls exclusive matching set in every price range. We've got a new modern necklace with fresh water pearls on a sterling silver chain for only one hundred and fifty dollars the matching Pearl earrings are one fifteen we also have a marquee shape. Timid line with amicus for one hundred and fifteen dollars in matching airings for one thirty five surprise her. But one gift under the tree and one gift in her Christmas, stocking, we'll help you find the perfect gifts. Now, you have a friend in the jewelry business. Shane company and shaneco dot com. Buying a home is a huge. Investment probably most significant purchase of your life. So what is step number one? When you want to buy a home? Is it finding the right realtor. Nope. That's way down the list. Step number one. Call the one mortgage team before you even start looking for a house realtors won't deal with you. If you've not been pre approved for a loan. I said before you do anything else. Call the one mortgage team. They'll pre approve you for loan sellers. They won't even entertain an offer from you. If you're not pre approved for a loan. So make sure you call the one mortgage team to get pre approved for a loan you show significant strength to a seller when you already have a approval completed step number one is always called the one mortgage team. They'll walk you through all the programs out there. They'll do all the math and figure out how much how she can afford. They'll get you the very best interest rate guaranteed, and when it comes to real estate, I only use a mortgage team six to three eight seven five nine nine forty one mortgage dot com. At.

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