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Okay so I'm GonNa go RILO. I can't believe you killed me. Star Wars Episode Seven Force Away no quote Indiana Jones and the crystal skull aw no it's a tricky one. Where's the crystal skull to the waters of the Great Sea Serpent Mosquito Coast Joe's <hes> the mosquito coast or the skull of mosquito no quote? It's about ice in Amazon fucking Josh yes. I think it's your turn okay. Use Your Lifeline. I already did yep used it effectively okay now. We're back to you our right h Ford Yeah. I know there's a lot of them that I'm missing. The you know the unfortunately the only one that keeps popping into my head. Is that movie David Josh Hartnett who right I like that you know <hes> yeah. What was that called in? I don't know but whenever were I'm on the other side of the hill. I WANNA kill myself yes no. I want to kill somebody else not myself sorry when I'm in Hollywood murder in Hollywood <music> is that it gets a weird title but what was that movie called Hollywood homicides so Clark does too so murdering Hollywood accepting accepting down we gotta move on Cowboy Cowboys and aliens always this is you over there. Even saying and instead of versus was it I it wasn't it was an okay free and it was odd to me that it was called and they're just thanks for hanging out ever interact w weird alien and Predator like what is this a sitcom verse. That's a month fighting amy. Did anyone say Indiana Jones and the last crusade say it. Didn't you say that she said Thank You for remembering now. Any android in the crystal skull is still available right it is it's in a really cool place that I'm going to say any second johns and and the not the queen but the King of Indiana Jones on the legend of the Crystal Skull and the Viking Saga so close already is my life. She used it yeah. She's she's Ah yeah this is it. It's coming down to this Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Right. Were you pretending to not know what that whole time. I just remembered it somewhat mouthing it to you in the audience absolutely dig around in my brain said crap brain. Okay <hes> this. This one I'm going to say is appropriate because the show is almost over Enders Game Blade Runner Twenty Forty Nine C.. I couldn't remember the year I would have done. I think twenty twenty but I'm like that's like next year. I don't think that's where most robots Harrison. The word is. Replicate replicate stupid WHO's turns. It doesn't yeah six days seven nights a gun an hayes rate. That's it's a tough one though because I never know what the seven days and six nights there's six nights and seven days six days seven nights. I think you're right. I think you absolutely I watched that movie so many times only amy's out so just me and Michael and Dustin. I'M GONNA go for my next Harrison Ford favorite of no one force ten from Naveh Rhone. Yeah wait till you hear the next one. I'm going to say it's even and Lamer Michael. I am fucked. I need a lifeline go lifeline. What are you carrying all six days? Seven nights is is your only Harrison Ford movie that you love.

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