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When Becca does come back next week. I want to share with you as a really sweet story just about some I told her about it. And she's like, oh, that's cute. I wish us on the podcast. I was like, I know. I totally forgot. So I have a story. No a little bit. What it's about. What's the topic? It was like something about our friendship that brought me peace at a moment that I was very anxious. Awesome. Yeah. Okay. Great. What else is coming up this week in the big stuff and you red carpets dates, oh, Mr. tip ller, Mr. temblor, Marco, boo. Tipplers might be coming to Los Angeles might people know of the coming across the country more than three days in advance. That is a good point. I did not think about. Expecting pushback there and it just gave right in because we spoke last weekend. And I was like, oh, when's the next time you're gonna because he's like when you come back to New York, and I was like when you come back home, and he said, maybe M L K, which is this weekend. Should've so heard by now. Yeah. Freed of something. We can don't you? The podcast awards of this weekend. I guess. Yes. Because we're going to get like all glam up. And so I was like I don't want to get glam to go to bed gonna hit the town paint. The town red. Not with a tip ler. Yeah. Could be could be. But I think it's a little late for that. Maybe I will. Beep beep that later tonight are you coming or? You don't need. You. Don't really desperate this this make other plans. Yeah. All right. Read it call it. Right. Teed you up for it. That's not any of that. Let's try this one. Wind down. Let's see ready there. It is. Okay. Right death, twelve thirty one. She gone.

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