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One more. He w question, and then we'll move to some other topics to maybe hit some other Awa later energy says how do you think WWE is of losing wrestlers to e w and you think they will start to better utilize some of them are even pay them more to keep them from going to a w like, Chris Jericho and pock. I'm really thinking along the lines of the former arch new Japan guys, like former Bullock la- members nakimora, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins danube-rhine. All these guys seem more peeling more likely to go to eighty w then say Randy Orton. Well, yeah. I mean, I I would assume and we talk about the five Jason that AWS going to have that Randy Orton isn't a particularly good fit. And that nakimora Kevin Owen Seth and Brian would be a better fit. How what stage of addressing this internally? Do you think Vincent man is at and what what kind of moves can he make to to insulate himself from needlessly losing talent that that is valuable to him that that he let's let's go and maybe regrets later. Yeah. I you know, we talked a little bit about yesterday in that. I think some of it isn't just the pay. I mean, you can get into bidding wars if he if you choose to. Yeah. I I think pay can improve. But you don't wanna overpay either. I think it comes down to the lifestyle that they create for these guys and the women and in terms of something we talked about like the Roman reigns interview where he talked about just spending all that time navigating the best route from town to town for his house shows during his downtime. Why isn't there a department that takes care of that? And he can do it with their talent they have tour buses why can't through a similar setup for the main roster. They do when they go over seas. Why can't that happen here? The I think that's the type of thing that Vince needs to really give an honest look at I don't think he's going to right now. I think it's going to take him losing some talent. Yeah. He lost Jericho Jericho has been dabbling outside the company for how long clearly there is an issue with novel aka pock on that led to him leaving the company, I think it made number one. I I don't know that ventures are going to be taking this all that seriously and tell the tell. Division partner is announced. And until it is. I mean, I would hope that Vince isn't going to help him not sitting around laughing at this right now. They what a joke. Yeah. There's the this kid's got dad's money behind. I mean, that's a lot of money. And if you get the right network, it's a big deal, and you could be looking at Nitra all over again. So I would hope he learned from his mistakes there and has actually taking this seriously, but I really would start with how can we make this better in terms of lifestyle for the perfect for.

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