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So really what you might want to do is just think about either a mantra. Just something that you repeat you could just have a phrase of something at least say over and over again getting quietly doing that. Over and over again is a first step to being able to handle pure quiet and silence. Do you use mantras in your in your own life. Or i know i know you see so many people kids families people all over the world. How do you get somebody to find the mantra. That actually works for them. What you said is so true. It has to be something that works for them. It would somebody else. Says may not work for you and it can be very simple. It can be just saying okay. It's going to be okay. Everything's gonna be okay. Be something like that. It doesn't have to be anything deeply intense. Sometimes it's just a sound like a humming sound. It can be literally just humming in your in your mind. You're kind of drowning out. It could be something related to your face to your religion. It could be a favorite line from a movie. Could be something iota says. It really does how that's fantastic. That's fantastic. i would love that. I wonder what i'm gonna ask. Gareth about what his line would be. Moving line would be for him but the movie line for me would be. I think we're gonna need a bigger boat on which she talks about. How i feel about my own emotions. I think we're going to do. This is a big. But frankly i don't give a damn. That's my relationship with myself. But we said this teaching people that they can relate to their feelings and thoughts and actually talk back to them. It's a gym away conversation. It's not just. I'm going to thank all of this stuff. That's going to cause me a lot of pain and then i don't get to say anything back right. Well and here's the thing that's interesting you decide it. It's like never mind follow the money..

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