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Brought abc news i'm dave packard the latest guilty plea in the rush approve former trump campaign deputy chair rick gates as been indicted for money laundering along with former trump campaign chair paul manafort in connection to the work for ukrainian officials connected to moscow abc news chief justice correspondent pierre tom paul manafort reacting while under indictment himself now clearly angered by his colleagues decision i continue to maintain my innocence i had hoped and expected my business cali would have had the strength to continue the battle to prove our innocence for reasons yet to surface he chose to do otherwise but gates in a letter to family and friends riding the circus like atmosphere of a potential trial prompted him to make a deal armed teachers president trump continuing his call to it should guns the teachers to protect schools saying that would have been better than a security guard who doesn't love the children the president referencing the arms school resource officer who officials say didn't confront the gunman during last week's shooting at parkland florida that deputy scott peterson has since reside abc's victor kendo is in parkland a local union tonight telling abc news hereson did a good job in terms of calling the exact location and getting units out there but adding it first responders don't go into active shooting situations they have failed tightening the screws on north korea the us state department imposing sanctions that target the smuggling of oil and coal into north korea through shiptoship transfers white house press secretary sarah sanders in pyongyang ahead of the closing ceremony for the winter olympic cleaning campaign of maximum pressure the latest station for the strongest that we have had on north korea we're going to continue warm june zara and more than fifty vessels shipping companies and trade businesses associated with kim jong lose regime ivanka trump is in south korea she'll lead the american delegation at the closing ceremony of the winter olympics on sunday you're listening to abc news hey my name's brand here make a change in an wonder why didn't do this long time ago that's what's happening for thousands of people with regard to their health care their joining medi share and then they're wondering what am i already do this for most members it cost less than half what they were paying for their.

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