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Thank you that acu ACDC shut down the bump music Friday. I am thorough next. It's what we do here. There's just something about that. He does a thing. You know, what he's a sliding the string down an actor. And he doesn't have to rephrase. I love that. I love that. And I just saw something here. In fact, let me wiggle. My mouse, just until I need classes. I'm not gonna do it here on my palms already have her my pops. It's Grand Rapids, Michigan. This. This is a nightmare. I'm looking at a chick who's probably and I'm not making this up. She's got to be thirteen fourteen at most she can call and let me know different. But she is now the Michigan D E Q director her name is Lisa Clark or licensed. I dunno. It sounds like a German name listen to this Grand Rapids when it comes to taking action to mitigate harmful effects of climate change, by the way, there are no harmful effects of climate change. But Michigan is in. That was the simple message of lesser Clark. The new State Department. Environmental control director. This is people. We are headed down a nightmare path. Thank you. Rick snyder. And thank you and everyone of your other bastard rhinos in the house in the Senate in the governor's office that gave us Gretchen Whitmer. Anyway, this goes on at a packed room of environmental renewable energy advocates at the Michigan climate action summit held at the Eberhart center in Grand Rapids Clark who had a leadership role and governor Gretchen Whitmer transition is the co founder of the clean energy policy. Consulting firm five weeks energy her address Thursday was one of her first public appearances since taking over the state taking over the state environmental agency. Now, there's more to it. But I don't think we need to know much more than that other than things are gonna get really stupid really expensive. It's going to be hard to do stuff and these people. This crap seriously they really do. And then we're stuck with them. We are stuck with them for I wanna say probably eight years. What does it? The governor is what is governor for your thing? I can remember Swiss army knife jerks. Don't what is the governor's? Ten years four years or six years in Michigan? It's it's it's four years. I'm almost positive, but double triple check that for me. Just because you know, I just heard that Jerry San nuturition, Jerry Sandusky the guy that does the the patriots. What the hell's his name here? I should know this too. I know Dirk knows the student at Bob, Bob, Kraft, Bob, Kraft, Bob Kraft was just busted for soliciting a prostitute or something like that for your term. Thank you for your time. You're going to have the center sports singer, Bob Kraft, us listening prostitute. I don't care. I don't care. There's a bunch of headlines about it here on drudge it's a big it's all over the the internet's now. I guess in Florida this he's not the highest ranking name in the list. Who cares? I don't care about Republicans. They're pretty much impotent useless. I don't give a damn about Bob Kraft. He may be best the same. I don't know. He's got the money for barrels of Viagra. He looks like he's about that age. But the bottom line is this do we care whether Bob Kraft is having sex with prostitutes or Republicans as anybody give a damn I don't I really don't. I don't care. Could careless. Absolutely. It's I couldn't care less. People. Screw it up all the time. When you say, I could care less that saying that there's you you actually care because you could care less, but you don't so I couldn't care less. Now, here's another. Here's another interesting fact. Just this this clown that fake this being hung by Trump supporters having bleach turn on them. Dirtbag racist in Chicago. He's now saying he has drug problem. He saying the reason it happened is because yes, drug problem isn't an excuse for everything. Now, I I have a drug problem your honor. I robbed that Bank and took all that money because I have a drug problem. I need to get into rehab. Yeah. I can hear that just put the Amy White House June in my head. So he's these these gonna try a walk and get some kind of counseling because he claims she has a drug problem. That's why no that's not what he has. And drug problem is not a defense, by the way, never is a defense. That's just poor choice. That's one of the export choices you're on the edge. It's alternative bump music Friday. This is one of the best choices you could possibly make. You're on the edge. Radio is your conservative powerhouse wake up at five AM with America in the morning up to the minute news from around the country and across the globe Michigan zone. Steve. Gruber follows.

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