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Your number one oh choice i'm personally a fan and number two four serbian so now added up where we can what did you have to eat to here i'm a fan of pickle pickles so we order the pick of vegetables it's a heap of pickled cabbage cucumber pickles there are likley listen garlichs doesn't cheese and there and there were good it's also pull dollars plus and i gotta say with a little disappointed because for the price i would i wanted more creativity i wanted to see he said beats turnups i'm thinking russia rushing winter's but that said i also had the wreck of land they call that it was three lamb chops very good it was exactly the way it should be kind of pricey for what i thought was a neighborhood restaurant because on that one side of the room they had just a whole line the table yet ready to go for silver and they have a banquet menu and i think it's really may for like sharing which i agree with my folks and we shared almost every meal we also ordered the russian dumplings oh yeah they were chicken while the second one botari big portion with some of the side of potatoes that were very good range portion i mean really there's two things that this place puts on everything it's a deal and sour cream you don't like sour cream it might not be oh that's good to tell people that did any of you guys get the leaning tower because the blame me tower is really the most special thing it's not a very inexpensive appetizer they make these really nice warm crates that come out there folded smoked whitefish smoked salmon and then a giant goblet of caviar and then i little gobble eto fresh and he just make these little baby barito's a fish creamy salty goodness and it's addictive i got the hungarian goulash smart entree.

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