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Ethics on but i didn't have a business model and i figured man i'm gonna get out there to the old silicon valley and i'm gonna make this thing something large there's two ways to move out silicon valley in your twenties andrew wants to out broke and then give away a lot of your company on the back of a napkin to a rich guy that's option number one option number two is go get a million dollars for yourself and start your own goddamn company out with your own goddamn equity under giveaway none of it off the bat till you feel like it and that's i decided to do okay now attendance tonight said l was the sacrificial lamb it was everything i needed recurring revenue location independent and relatively easy to sell now it was harder than i thought but compared to other kinds of businesses particularly services stuff it was not into anything you teaching people online how to how to do jitsu right you're filming yourself you're selling this you are getting smarter automation and that's why you wanted to sell and when you went to sell you said that there was a problem what's the problem yeah we'll go right into it so when i signed to steal literally right when i was talking with you we had done a big launch we had gotten to about forty five thousand dollars per month and recurring revenue i actually remember sending you are pnl's hit you have because i'm citing asshole that has even someone who's nice to me i still don't believe them and i need proof i i love it man i mean if you wanna publish like while at actually don't know the legal concerns i had a while it sounds it would talk about when he signed to skill right so that you like you know that that's legit but then a motor out with with with the buyers like sued me for that i don't know either way.

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