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From members supported eighty nine point three kpcc i'm nick roman with news as you're heading home the trump administration's proposed changes in immigration would create a path to citizenship for the young unauthorized immigrants brought here as children the daca immigrants but kpcc's leslie bernstein raw says the trump plan also calls for a reduction in family based legal immigration if citizenship is made available to one point eight million young immigrants the president wants concessions from democrats one would limit who could be sponsored his emigrants for decades this has included siblings parrots and adult children the white house wants to restrict that dispels his and minor children only anthony nong is with asianamericans advancing justice in los angeles he has protection from deportation under the federal daca program that's expiring soon and he could benefit from trump's plan but he says not at the expense of relatives creeping that effort operative uh having your family reunited i think it it what immoral for people to have to have to go through that question some conservatives aren't sold on the entire proposal either mark krikorian with the center for immigration studies favors limits on entry by family members there's no reason they should be given this kind of priority or or special prerogatives to move to the united states but he doesn't like giving legal status to so many young immigrants covering immigration i'm leslie bear stein roe haas we'll have more on the trump plan for immigration in about three minutes the sacramental be says an investigation by its reporters as found the state government eight up more than twenty five billion dollars during a threeyear span to settle sexual harassment claims was cases were spread across two dozen state government agencies and ten uc or csu campuses the payouts ranged from five hundred dollars to settle a complaint by a prison inmate up to ten million dollars for four wards at a youth walk up in chino he said they'd been sexually abused by a staff counselor that one took ten years to settle governor jerry brown today unveiled a new proposal to put.

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