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Backyard nihar all and samsung's and yet it seemed a you know what to clocks every time when you've brian points out when he set an alarm on your on your brand new as nine is quote before you could sit alarmist they which clock you wanna use clock or clock another good user it's really a snack ayers' brian brian's a here's brian's animated emoji for bixby he's crying many many many years now starting to like these emojis by the way he does love the camera do you love the camera dan if you've been enjoying the pictures are get with a secret flomo is i gotta tell you man that is really cool feature 960 frames a second yeah yeah antius none around that yeah it are you going to get an asinine aunt or what what are you you're using the pixel now already a mall pigs so yeah i'm all take salama i'm a former this fan meat in i never really gone away from it i would love to see sam's i know they'll never do this sampson do a google experience version of the estai this just plain gugel i switch from iowa's for that yeah may be right because of the slain android is probably competitive with ios a certainly uh it's as secure because google does monthly updates uh on your on the pixel phone most the reviews i've seen of the camera in the s nine say it has its good points his competitive with iphone tan and with the pixel too but that ultimately the at i think brian said this to the pixel to is probably the better camera of the two uh but he does he did to a nice heart for the camera.

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