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Still searching for an opponent for his ABI. Magomed Shari PA, Hugh supposed to be the fifth fight on the main card against air or Rodriguez pulling out of their fight late last week. So right now, there are four fights official for UFC two twenty eight. And of course that car taking place in Dallas in the combing event is Nico. Montano defending her straw flyweight title for the first time against Valentina shift. Chanko the other fights on the main card just drudge against caroliina Kalat Keva each and this fight wasn't originally on the main card original main card. The fifth fight was Carlos bars against Tetiana Suarez, but on Saturday, they posted a graphic during the broadcast and it had a dual Razaaq Al-Hassan against Nico price. So that's the fifth bite that's going to be opening the pay per view main card. And so a sparce Suarez as the main event of the prelims that's gonna be on FX alginates Cody statement all that and more for now, let us go to these machine and say, Hello to Tyron Woodley he is standing by there. He is the champ is here turn. How are you. Champ is where are you right now? Louis, oh, man, you just you just finished working out or started work here. You're in the middle of workout. I'm taking intermediate break. Oh my God. Right here. So you're doing this one in Saint Louis, no Milwaukee, no, Florida. Now they're walking for Robin, I was in Milwaukee. Can you hear me? I can hear you. The way it's. Attorney depend on God. I can win into the phone now we're good. We can hear you just fine. NC you fire. I am in Saint Louis Missouri. I spent a lot of time to walk. I'm actually hitting back, took off. He coming up. Coming up with days small. Okay. Aetna Milwaukee, last couple of foreign. I got three and I appreciate you. You you cutting short or taking a break from your workout to join us. Thank you very much for doing this tyrant. So the last time I spoke to you before the fight was actually official. I'm assuming by now you're at peace with it all you've, you've put your differences aside. You've put the way this whole thing unfolded. You're in a good spot mentally going into the fight, man. I'm in a great spot. Usually sometimes taking the water forgotten opponent. I'm a couple of days ahead. Usually the week of the fight. I'm pretty calm and everything's gonna get every aisle upon. Set up and ready to roll. Now, I'm there, man. We find Texas last night. Every two guys. I'm on. I'm on every show. They're not putting over there, not putting respect show who's that one of my fighters. Jeez. Yes. So. Put on the finishing touches message, really confident everything he does. Well, I got multiple or dishes. Great way scrape my perfect. A lot was made tiring in LA when you guys squared off and and the height difference in the size difference. What did you make of it? You gotta step back a couple more followed his face. Were you surprised at all about how big you was? No means was the sex is okay. Was bigger. Markor huge. Robbie Lawler is a former middleweight gasoline wasn't late. Johny Hendricks Henderson guy. What buys. I mean, he's speaking upper body. Lighting ask, we're gonna come down exploding, running to somebody looking, my legs in gem, would've power her from. He said afterwards, I saw an interview where he said he saw doubt in you. Yeah. He also said earlier in any fear, the fight two minutes later away for he saw doubt. You do the math. Okay. Did you see anything in him now? I said he ready to fight this with that. I say, he looks like he read it. He think he's gonna win this. He's confident he and I like those kind of fight anybody who's been overly aggressive force me push towards me, try to come for me. What will happen to rob? What happened? Everybody aggressive. Vicious got knocked out. So did you see him in the back? Did you guys have any interactions NAS on? They sat him behind. Oh, really?.

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