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Yes oregon but with sharon on the beach with you lover looking at each other's at the bowed correct tung all the way down the each mohmed with do is just like a dream to that's how and choose and i know the maga will still be we gotta live felton battle alone ever change and a day now yarov baz so now at all i with the uh day is there anyone in mind when this song happens that you're on the beach with we maybe not someone that i like but um this phone fact this is my appearance song this is their love song they actually dance to it at their wedding ha and i remember lake as a young kid i used to think this was like the cornea song ever because they would lake wake up in the morning on their like anniversaries and like dance to this oh my god i notes this o q bring the house down and yeah distract means a led to me because it just makes me think of them you only beautiful studio for that for you michelle and nobody my parents like uh had like a courthouse wedding after knowing another for like three months but that's breeding romantic it was going in that it is that's fiery can you imagine a love song your parents would would love yeah i actually i included a interesting zonglin anaylyst and it's by kim jong me as the singer and i while i was and i was in korea for the last month and a half just hanging out and i'm i'm working on a book right now about my relationship with my mom and our mom who's crudelooking yemen on scurrying down one of the promoters told me about this kind of like he's like the phil spector of career without like you know the incisively yeah and his name is a xinjiang hung and he kind of is a really well known sort of like '70s psychedelic rock composer and guitarist and he wrote the song um so it's continue minutes like about i think like chilling in the sun um but yeah my aunt told me that uh my mom in her use to like seeing this other song of his and and so i just wanted to include some korean music on the air.

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