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House immersed as a faculty why life first resonant curator emily would break ginger bruin little oval cakes put little flowers on top and lower long been a breadbasket from her window to the children below they couldn't see her a mystery emily dickinson liked to shocked people she liked to break room there was a kind of rebellious freedom in her in our world she has upon that begins they shut me up in produce as one a little girl when they wanted her to be steal and she says boy they should have seen the wheels and my brain go round my name as christopher ben fay i teach at mt holly out college where emily dickinson spent a year of her life she's very logic heated fair lemon of her time she liked science and by me what she did not like was one of the stated purposes of the college to convert young women to be christian cause finding christ as their personal savior christ his calling everyone here all my companions have answered even my darling vinnie believes she loves and trust him and i am standing alone and rebellion and growing very careless she was one of the students who were declared without hope she said some keep the sabbath going to church i keep it stame at home with a bobble inc for a chorister an orchard for a dome my name is emily elizabeth dickinson julie harris in the bell of emerged this is my introduction black it's my own special recipe i do all the baking pierre is homestead i even bang the spies for this cake it's black eight which to problems of flour the black boxes is a kick the thousand calls for nineteen eggs eight five tonnes agree since to of current two pounds of butter have come to sit there in one nepal the substantial key have always graduates nineteen pounds than emphasis must before he put the brand new not megs five teaspoons of clo black cake first appears in the eighteen shorties in cookbooks its caribbean in its origin cinnamon the meese and it's very tight up with the sugar trade and molasses again please sprinkle in all eight pows when you think about emily dickinson the myth in the white dress then he think about hurt in.

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