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And that's what we have for the balance of the show again. We will sing live after the recorded duet and then after the show voting opens in. You'll just email me in one name and that is the name you wanna have as the winner and you will have from the seasoning all the way until next monday at midnight and here we go one of those things that you will be able to talk about. Having had a hand in all these years later jason. Pet writing. And i have never been able to figure it out. What is the sound bite between fifty four wieners and dog shitting peach seeds. What is the sound bite between those I'll now i'm intrigued. Let's figure it out too far troll problem in the crackle sean tono huge. What mrs jason. That's gary viner chuck v gary vader. Chuck saying listen. Lavar laverne ius cole's former wide receiver of the new york. Jets if you know anything about gary chalk. He's a huge new york jets. Fan actually would like to own the new york jets at some point and we were talking about laverne ius calls and i believe at that time. Brett farve was going to be or was the quarterback of the new york. Jets if you believe that and lavern was running his fat he apper and gary said hey laverne ius listen. Lavonia shut your face. That's will happen jason. there you go. That is the origin story of that particular. Sound drop within. And what's shar bono..

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