Thyroid Cancer discussed on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald


Healthwise everything's still good so yeah everything is a great you know and i had a scare and a little challenge due to having thyroid cancer and that i did not know i had and i'm cancer free and you know but still obviously monitoring you know a lot of different things you know within me because you know that it can pop up at any given time and i just being very vigilant about my about my health and and as you said her early screening and pre you know early detection and things that nature fantastic so is this something that's pretty much on the speaking circuit anytime you're interviewed or being interviewed this is kind of a key subject matter in which you're impressing upon people because you yourself personally no the importance of doing so absolutely you know i made a you know i made a conscious effort to bring it to the light and talk about publicly am i knew that it was going to first of all if every sensitive topic to to other people because so many people who've been affected by cancer and their loved ones and i know sometimes it's something wounded you don't wanna open up but i also know on the flip side that you know we don't know we don't know and as human beings we're just growing and learning every single day and that you know we see a lot of times people who are already suffering and from it and they pass away in public figures and you you just kinda you know wonder you know how did they how did their number come up you know there are people who don't smoke or don't do stuff like that and you and you kind of try to just close your eyes and say i just hope you know that imagine number mind doesn't come up when when if you're educated properly and you realize there are ways to you know look at the history of your family health or go out and get calling off because he's endoscopy.

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