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Listening to the new face of college from American radio works. I'm Stephen Smith. We're at this relatively high point we could see the plaque desert out geology. Professor Philip Goodell is holding court in the place. He loves best the foothills of the Franklin mountains near El Paso, Texas. He is a weather beaten. Seventy two year old has worn white cap is scrunched down over white hair. Professor Goodell has loved rocks since he was eight years old. There was a railroad by here. And I used to go there in climb up into the railroad cars, you could get good pyrite and all sorts of Asia. Right. You know, when I went off to college in the east, I knew on it to be a geologist. He went away to college at Yale and got his doctorate at Harvard. He worked for a time in New York City, but came back to teach at the university of Texas at El Paso, you tap in nineteen seventy five the geology is so much better here than central park. So they just. Wasn't the types of projects for me to work on that are close to that that there are here. Says she was a wild teenager who barely finished high school. She had to take remedial classes at community college. That is where she discovered that. She loves geology. So she transferred to you tap to study with professors like Philip Goodell. He sees me as a respectable scientist. He's expecting me to be a big shot of out there. Valeria married young. And she has a son her parents had some college, but that was in Mexico. So navigating the university has been a challenge you need a guide. You need a guy to show you word. Go. Study in. Would talk to and. That's Dr Goodell. He's loving guiding me to them to the right places to the right people. Valeria specialty is gemstones here in the Franklin mountains, she hopes to travel the world prospecting for emeralds sapphires..

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