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Hello welcome into espn f. c k. Murray his craig burley. We're also joined by gut marcatti still outings. Alpine retreat and gems will be joining us too because we continue to talk about leeann messy and i want to start with you gob. After we take a look at some of the reaction in spain. I wanted to stay as what messy was saying. These are the boss alone at base newspapers. All of the cry with you mayo. But in paris well pretty happy and they are waiting with open arms. We've already seen some funds waiting outside the positive prints for the arrival of leonov messy book gap last time. You ron. we're asking around the panel and everybody said september. I did they see messy playing. Everybody said bustle owner. Do you still see it that way. Now i can't i can't figure this out right. Three things messy wants to stay. Barcelona want keep them and it's legal. Supposedly stopping them from doing it with salary cap rules but it's in the league as interest to keep him. It's weird because you're head tells you that he's going to stay but all the news. Everything says that he's gone. So i don't know i guess i'll believe he. You know logically. All these people are doing all this reporting and say you know he's going to have his medical blah blah blah on his way to parents and said he'd made his goodbyes. but man. this really makes no sense at all. I consume k. Is there's got to be a lot of stuff that we don't know a lot of stuff that's gonna come out about. Napata about the relationship was davis both going on with your on madrid. We've had hints already. John oldest that Founder media pro coming out and saying that seventy two hours ago. The contract was signed and ready to go. Personally define it. Something must have happened. I this new streets far from older. It is pretty mysterious. I'm sure there's a lot more than does the i. Craig but all signs point to paris. Felino messy right now. The do and the management of this club has been and this really annoyed me ever since they would and you know. I'm going to sit here. The the martin braithwaite from lagaan his their relegation struggles ho law vest. Bunch of reprobates stooped and the annoyed meet times club with so much clo- but but that's how they've been running this business recently poorly sharply and you have all these other players coming in. Well say saying having saying ham but what about the main and yeah get. Upset is emotional. I didn't see the press conference by a handlebar. And i'm sure it was from the har i can understand up because listen i'm not comparing but we've all been at clubs in. We're not left chelsea. After nearly ten years. I wasn't emotional tight football club but it was more leaving. Some people get for ten years a decade right now. There'll be people at boston loaner. That he's got such a report with this is not just about the club in the fines is about people behind the scenes not just the big styles is pure behind the scenes in the offices and the workers and the people in the contains and all that and restaurants the company that you form this relationship with weight off. I'm just amazed at the pilot between your career leila. I'm making a making a parallel with leaving and leaving people. That's the difference. I get the emotion of this education but the frustration. The he must feel the shabbiness of the management. Could you imagine thinking you were staying on at a club. You've gone into sign your contract to stay at that club and then you told actually for all roads leading. They're going to have to share a fortune on. Yeah they're getting a great player. Who's coming towards the twilight. It was korea but also getting a planet who's desperate to be in barcelona just say i'm saying he's not. He's not desperate to paris engine if he goes to patterson jim on a megani set here and suddenly sure fan interest and frankfurt. He knows in was that people what people think of the french league knob there were a little league and the premier league knows so it doesn't really want to go in there..

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