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All and done let's say if you reach his potential right. Let's say that you know. He becomes one of the best football players. Or one of the best quarterbacks in the league and he does right by dallas i think even that press gals ending up third behind aikman and behind stall back again. No one's beat nostalgic for the top list. him. Enro- tom landry. It'll reasons the cowboys. The cowboys aikman three super bowls. In four years. He helped me dallas one of the teams of the nineteen nineties. I mean he was. The quarterback brought dallas their first championship after a fifteen year drought bottom to the championship in nineteen ninety-two before that the last time dallas won a super bowl was against denver. Twenty seven to ten in the superdome against the orange crush of the denver broncos in know that pass by that was ruled a touchdown that was caught by golden richards. That was definitely an incomplete pass. Wasn't even close yet still harvey martin. Too tall jones radi white thomas. Hollywood henderson dallas. Where the better team. Of course they're gonna win the championship. Tony dorsett running. Back on that team preston pearson. So yeah dallas between those glory years and then that drought between seventy eight ninety one. Jimmy johnson comes in resurrects. The program brings in eight. One of those guys in eight minutes to quarterback starts off the cowboys dynasty many dynasty. That they had so aikman. Who i guess. You could say the winner in cowboys history. Because stall won two championship some eight men went three. You could say that. It's stalled in eightman. The terms of the greatest. See cowboys in Cowboy's quarterback history and eight minutes in the hall of fame. So there's another thing that the deal so the gap right now between number two and number three whether you wanna put denny way twenty romo in there. I would maybe go danny white. I think it's career as a little bit overshadowed because the fact that you had to follow roger staubach but he did get dallas in two way. Nfc championship game. If it wasn't for the catch. Dwight clark dallas will have gone to the super bowl beaten. Cincinnati you would think at the pontiac superdome silverdome actually go wherever dome. So i mean if you're speaking about just winning daily white you could say it's probably the third best. Maybe the most underrated dallas cowboy quarterback in their franchise history even though demerits. It's a nor known for goofing with Howard cosell was the quarterback timothy ego. Have that you've got to finish. So yeah so i would think that Fars number three is concerned. If you wanna go with romo fine if you want to go danny white fine but i think if.

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