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Absolutely amazing. How far back do you think we can go? Do you think anyone will ever discover evidence of the Tower of Babel, do we know where the shinar plane is? I think we do. And I think you could go back that far. What we've tried to do is to sort of systematically go from the known to the unknown. So we know a date for Solomon's Temple, around 9 67 BC, we now, I think, have a clear date for the exodus and the conquest period. And as you keep moving from the known to the unknown, I think we will be able to nail down that timeline so that we're looking in the right time in the right place for the right stuff. Have you seen anything about what they discovered in Nazareth, this professor from reading in England, university of reading and discussing a first century? Yeah. Discovered a first century home underneath the church underneath the church. What do you make of that? Because when I looked into it, I said, it seems pretty obvious what this is. But this should be front page news in every paper in the country. In my opinion, I actually write about that. The idea that the fact that they're being so diffident as though well, we're not sure when things synchronize with the Bible Eric then were attacked, all right? As if because I'm an evangelical that I can't be, I can't bifurcate, and I'm not going to be intellectually honest. It's just utterly ridiculous and Ken dark went through the same thing. But it seems to me like Ken dark, the impression I got is that he is himself shy about sharing this. That the books published a year ago, unless you're ready is the lead so dramatically that it struck me as comic and pathetic. Unless you're willing to take shrapnel, then some scholars are hesitant to make big announcements. Let me tell you something. They're not calling that cowardice. I want to be very clear. No. He's just by nature a little more cautious, probably. Absolutely. Let me tell you something about Nazareth as we get ready for resurrection coming up. Celebrating Easter season. We have an inscription from Nazareth called the Nazareth inscription, and it most likely dates to Tiberius Caesar. So Jesus is born under Augustus Caesar, he dies under Tiberius. And here's what it says. And a few words. I Caesar, hereby decreed the death penalty for anyone who robs graves in Palestine. Not throughout the Roman Empire, only in Palestine. It seems that we've got a problem with bodies disappearing from graves in Palestine around 80 33. And of course, Matthew 27 51 says that when Jesus came out of the tomb, many others came out of their tombs as well. And were seen walking around the holy city. Is the Nazareth inscription a direct response to the resurrection. Well, I have read about that and I would say that the question is still open, but it's sure sounds like it. And it said least fascinating regarding the Ken dark discovery. I mentioned it in my book, but if you go to Amazon to find this book that he finally published about it, it's like comedy. If you're looking for any news about the discovery of the birthplace of the childhood home of Jesus, it's so buried that it's like they're ashamed of it. And I guess when you think about the significance of this, the idea that we could have found the home of Joseph Mary and Jesus, it's almost unbelievable. It's dateable though, Eric, those of us who are ceramicists. Oh no, I don't mean unbelievable in the sense of actually unbelievable. I mean, it's so astonishing that I can't believe in my lifetime we could be talking about this. It shouldn't even be a debate. Okay, we could take pottery and put 10,000 pottery shirts out here and those of us who are ceramicists can separate them into time period. And on the first century surge, I could separate it into decades. So the fact that he found this pottery in situ, there's no doubt that the dating of it, it's a home from the first century in Nazareth. Yeah, it's nuts. If you want details, you can read my book as atheism dead. Folks, let me encourage you to go to Scott stripling .NET and dig Shiloh dot org and also to the Bible seminary dot EDU, Scott stripling, a joy to have you on the program, thank you. It's been a pleasure. Thank you, Eric. Because I have a mental 'cause everyone can be your man I'm a winner I'm a singing for my other friend I'm a loser what is your girl a baby well there's nothing better to tell me Eric, why is relief factor so successful at lowering or eliminating pain? I'm often asked that question the owners of relief factor tell me they believe our bodies were designed to heal. That's right designed to heal and I agree with them. 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