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Whatever but you know he just grabbed onto the first thing grab one you know and actually and actually that really stop the fight because everybody's like what are you doing jet there by you know everybody when you saw him on alonzo's leg out that's the way i was like what do you can hurt what do you do you trying to track what what are you doing you know but but you know everybody at that particular time you like i said you don't know what's going to happen you lose your mind and the first thing the reaction the let me stop him from fighting my player and i got say he probably didn't wanna get hit so i tried to grab it bout it bout a waste and he gets lifting failing and land on his legs and kept holding his legs so desperate probably if attack the match patrick ewing and charles oakley against alonzo pj brown who who is that may you know back back back in and charles oakley heyday when he was young and really really strong near you know you gotta get i go i go oh you know i i love pj you know i tell you patches not do that because that is oh boy so they not they not gonna do not the one that really going to be going at it and and you know what they love each other to is peaking oh so they really now too so yeah good friend now too so you know they you never you actually never seen them for get into any type of stuff you never seen they just play hard against one another so you know it was it was it was always something else but then for never they just played hard they bang bang bang push push push.

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