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Team activities in Allen park today. This concludes the off season program, they can be next late July for the started training camp. Steve Courtney, WGN sports, traffic and weather first on the fives up. The purple rose theatre presents welcome to paradise this love story centers around to people who despite their differences, age gap and other circumstances. Find love and acceptance in each other. But if h can someone find their soulmate for tickets, visit purple rose theatre dot org. WJR traffic is sponsored by star linebacker island ferry high tailored to mackinac island with his Dr line, hydro jet or catamaran dairy, the only fast frequent fun and friendly hydro jet service to mackinac island free daily and overnight parking. Get discount tickets and MAC past vacation packages at mackinac ferry dot com. That's mackinaw very dot com. Will your island adventure begins checking traffic first with John Bailey? A slow goal on the Ford freeway headed on a beer born, it's a wreck blocking the two left lanes. That is making for well, we are crawling on eastbound ninety four from Michigan avenue across a Warren avenue on the trip out of Clinton township into Roseville wreck has this riding the brakes on westbound ninety four from metro Parkway across the twelve mile reported problem in Shelby township. We are jammed up in fifty three southbound. The two twenty six twenty three mile construction, stop and go on I seventy five southbound Baldwin to LaPierre road, and south of there from ABC. Atoms down to crooks road. I'm John Bailey, WJR traffic and weather, first on the five this hour, sponsored by M F by consumer products. Chuck Woolery here for blue EMU. Did you know that most pain relieving products use menthol which irritates the skin? I mean pain is irritating enough? Right. Blue EMU pain relief products are odor, free and irritation free blue EMU works fast, and you won't stink. WJR traffic is sponsored by truecar looking to buy a car. Online shopping can be confusing not anymore. With true price from truecar now you can know the exact price you'll pay for the car you want and see what other people paid.

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