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Metrical what am i favored episodes how bigger my wife lindsey's boss anything anything's up for grabs link for that in the episode description thanks to all the phoenix time suckers who came out man thank you for the samurai book ted samuels very nice so i can hang for drinks gareth reynolds from the dollar podcasts was a fantastic human being very funny man glad i got to work with him glad to get to hang with jimmy wissmann who stopped by a couple of nights jimmy wissmann small town murder lindzen i had fun man and and this weekend mortaring nation's capital d c in dc flat earth tour rolls into the dc draft house june eighth and ninth let's make fun june fifteenth and sixteenth more flat earth mockery comes to join iowa to funny bone just three shows tonight's going to be me and pat house on that one's gonna be awesome july twelfth to the fourteenth orlando improv live podcast with mediocre time guys tom and dan on the fifteenth comedy store in the area california july twenty three twenty second dayton ohio july twenty seven to twenty eighth more tour dates at dan comas dot tv you fucking get there you fucking get there or i'll find you know i won't but i would like you to come and now let's let's head back to the unfortunately long life and horrible disgusting times of the very recently apprehended probably golden state killer who is joseph james dangelo the man who while he hasn't been convicted of being the golden state killer is strongly strongly believed to be the killer to the point that his trial feels like formality i mean he hasn't entered a plea yet as me completing this research i'm sure we're going to have a lot updates on this one going forward but but you don't charge somebody with twelve murders after all these years and i'm sure variety of new charges are on the way unless you have a pretty good idea he's the guy so maybe not the guy technically innocent until proven guilty but a lot of evidence lot of evidence point his way like direct dna matching to a lot of crimes kind of evidence so operating on the premise that he is the guy let's assume that.

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