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I actually think it will. I think that we're gonna find out that while zeke has been front and center of these contract negotiations that quietly they have been making major progress with dak prescott. I think it would be the type of gamble. I cannot remember a player taking in recent n._f._l. History for a guy. That was a fourth round pick. Who's never made real n._f._l. Money saying i will play for two million dollars this year with no dollars guaranteed into my future whatsoever however instead of taking whatever the cowboys last best offer is so while i think zeke will get done in the next. Call it thirty six hours. I think jack gets it's done before they kick off sunday. How could take the field when he's got seventy five million dollars so offered to him guaranteed as opposed to even if he's trying to get that up to eighty five so i think they do get it done with regardless even if zeke sin. You're not gonna see one hundred percent zeke this weekend correct. I do not think you will okay. Let's talk patriots wide receiver rookie nick. He'll harry was placed on i._r._a. Allowing for the team to resign to marry his thomas nick you trust this patriots. Receiving core had an into week one well. I think that the nicole harry injury and him being on i._r._a.'s brutal for the patriots in this regard. They did something they've never done. Spellcheck spin their take receiver in the first round and now they're not going to see him for at least two months of the season. It's the second straight year. Their first first pick of the first round goes on. I r last year's isaiah win loss for the whole season this year nicole harry loss for part of the season at least now when they cut marius we thought he might be coming back that proved out to be the case the the hinge player for the patrons. Even core is going to be josh gordon win. Josh gordon is out there i do do this can be a dynamic receiving core elements and excellent slot seaver..

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