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Once you go home and just grab grab those Teddy's. They're right there. Grab them. But you don't because you have a job she got a family because you work towards something. And it's it's going relatively well year on course. But then what happens, you know, girlfriend dumps you, you know, you lose your fucking job it starts to unravel. And when it starts to unravel that voice in your head. You know? Just fucking kick that guy right in the ball becomes so fucking loud. That that other voice of reason. It's now it's way in the back of your head. You don't do that. At hurts. You can't even hear it anymore. And that's what the fuck happened to that guy. It was just it was too. I'm telling you. Last night. Last night that dude was sitting there. Why is this fucking thing saying on peak, and that was too loud? I'm trying to overcompensate for the fact that people were saying that my my podcast with too quiet trying to overcompensate there we go. Why is that light sitting there going peak? Allow tests want to test. What's fuck you? Okay. So evidently, the reason why it said peak was because I had reached the memory limit from my LS ten right deleted some shit. I'm back. So anyways, the fuck was I was talking about that guy. I guarantee you. He's not a bad guy last night. He was sitting at talking to his wife. He couldn't even sleep. It's wife or his girlfriend. You know, she's sitting down on the corner. You know, holding her knees sitting in the corner go why did you do that? And he's like. I did it like Gus Grissom in the right stuff. It was a click. The hatch gets blue. I don't know why didn't know standard there. We will lose the fuck it game in the guy came by just I only stuck it out a little bit, man. I just stuck it out a little bit. He's he's. He's just fucking. Muttering to himself. Why did I do that? Why the fuck why did I do that was so fucking st-? There's guys in prison right now. Why did it? Why did I listen to that voice? Why I paid my taxes? I was a cub scout. Right. I fuck and made sandwiches for my kids sent him off to school. And then just that one day. My fucking neighbor. Excuse me, coral come. I talk to you for a second. I know we've discussed this before their only way you could just not have your dog relieve himself on my lawn, and that just happens to be a fucking shovel. And you just looking at his mouth now at you just. Pinot. What the shovel? Bang. You fucking do it. Then you like fuck it up. Please get up please get up. Did anybody? See that bury the shovel, man. And then you just go down that road, and you've never committed a fucking crime. And then you end up in jail. It was just because of that one. Circumstances. With there. I don't think that guy's a bad guy. I don't it was just. Get off the problem is they're being led by a crazy, man. Rex Ryan is out of his fucking mind. Another thing that I've said since last fucking year. Okay. That guy I don't know if he's bipolar or manic depressive, all right, but I am a psycho, and I can spot another psycho fucking cross the room that guy is out of his mind. And what you know, you got to buy into your coaches philosophy. All right. So they bought into his shit talk in fucking John Wayne horsh it when he was having. They didn't realize he was having a manic episode. You know, all the coaches sign in that bus as he's walking up and the depths of his insecurity saying that, you know, you don't even deserve to be here. He had to so overcompensate for it. He just by the time he grabbed that sharpie. His manic episode was so through the fuck and roof. He just starts right? In other words long. We're going to win the Super Bowl. He did that any brought all his players up to this manic fucking level..

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