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Plus podcast. I'm your co host. I guess is that true many susan's luster. I cover the giants of the san francisco. Chronicle and with me as matt kawahara who was our as beat writer and we are just finishing up the giants and as series the second installment of the bering bridge series sierra. The giants take two of three at oakland first of all matt. What were your impressions of the series particularly of think giants fans look at it and go. Wow look at all that great late pinch hitting from the giants are the as perspective. I'm guessing the bullpen is becoming. Maybe a little bit of a question mark. Yeah i think they have to be really kind of frustrated with the series because they could have swept the series from the best team in baseball. There were a few outs away from it and the bullpen has been sort of like periodic issue for them Obviously it struggled kind of in the middle of the year but really for the last month and a half the bullpen has been really good andrew chafe and they brought in has been really good for them and he gave up two home runs yesterday after giving them one the entire.

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