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In psalm course comes up while he's the right answer where we're what kind of dinner party guess what he will he be wonderful kazys interested in everything and he's curious about everything and you'd be probably hours at dinner and slightly exhausted at the end because if you knew anything about how the i saw a light waves he would grill you about it if you knew anything about scuba diving gear which he helped and van he would say okay how would you have the breathing apparatus would just be interested in everything and even though i said he was a vegetarian and he was he gave a lot of dinner parties sent we have is no books we have a shopping list who would not be one of those dinner companion said i'm i can't believe you're going to eat that because he be you know he did allow both the foul and seafood to be served as a stable even though even even though he's a vegetarian hernia walter throughout this conversation yuban been referencing steve jobs you've of the famously wrote a biography of of steve jobs and and what connects his do you see between leader at leonardo da vinci and steve jobs well you know steve's a wonderful uh advertisement you i here's of the misfits the rebels around pegging square hull i think steve jobs felt of himself as a rebel in an outsider he also felt he stood at the intersection of the humanities the arts engineering and science he was also boundlessly curious having dinner with steve jobs he was also vegetarian but having dinner with steve jobs was sort of like with leonardo by the end of the dinner he's quest you know he's raised questions on everything from human migration you know two million years ago to exactly how a circuit board could look more beautiful if you did it a certain way um i sort of heaven affection for people who like to know different things about different fields and then with almost a fingertip feel can feel the patterns of nature you start seeing patterns you said senior.

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