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What are they going to do? And I love Christopher Nolan. I love Christabel. There's a part of me that even likes that movie it's just so much more fun to be like fuck that movie. I like being a lot, I but I just wish they had a little more if they leaned into him like I don't think they needed Marian co two yard. And I think if they made Bain a. More kind of power because he ended up to what being upon. Yes. Larger thing if they there were a lot of ways to play Bain. Yeah. And they didn't really do any of them because the joker being this agent of chaos and B's assemblies a metaphor that he's he never. He's never forget. You could die at any second and his monologue about like the narrative, so we eat dog we don't eat dogs. And he goes, and he says, is in the movie, a group of gangbangers get shot, and nobody cares. And he's says because it's all part of the plan. Yeah. Plan being the story. The story being the lie the lie being society, you know what I'm saying and nihil you can't have order Batman without nihilism the joker. And then we have an arms dealer, who's just kind of like climbing out of a hole. I'm just like I like my I like my Angels' in my devils. I don't need like the be list guy. I love that perform. I mean I know unbelievable. I mean one Oskar there's. More to say about it, but really like watching it again. Keith ledger when Oscar for that. Yeah. Mortem oscar. Yeah. Yeah. I love that he doesn't recognize the joker when he's wearing the nurses, mass. I know that's one of my favorite. He pulls the mask off. And then he goes, oh, job. You couldn't see is. Moment. Oh, one other thing, I was just going to say is the other extrordinary thing is that person that's in there from the very start? I know, for fact I was there when both of my kids were born, and I was the first one to really like. Naomi and I, I had to like pick them up and bring them over to the table where they get cleaned and stuff, so that moment. Yeah, but for both of them and now they're both like I said, they're preteens. Now, they're like people and from that moment when they were cleaned on that table now is just staying there with them because they're cold. And you want them to feel same person that they are now like I saw that person in there. They were both those little babies were distinct people even at that moment, I believe, you know, I know what you're saying, because our daughter's pre thought pre language. Round us beautiful thing about one that's where when we're babies were sort of aware that we're, we're part of everything, and he's like, but then you pinched the bed post and you pinch your leg and you start to put together like, oh, I'm this not that you see the brain, which loves this, not that it's how we're ones and zeros you start to realize your separateness, and there's it's like a real learned thing. So I'm with you, though, we're watching the baby and we're getting a intuitive sense of who she is. And we're like I think she's going to be, yeah. Have you noticed thinks she's out? I think she's going to be loud. Yeah. But, like she's also kind of calm personality. I think he's funny. I swear to you. It's not projection. I'm not going to all. It's not watching her quietly. Yes. And once when she's twelve years old, you're gonna look back on now. And, and say, yeah, of course, she's been she's been doing this. Since she was born. Yeah. You know that's the extrordinary thing it's all going to grow out from exactly who she is right now. It's all gonna make perfect sense, isn't is. Well, if that's the case, we're so thrilled. So we said when you held her you L you're on the way, and I was like she's just the greatest baby world. She's so. Special. She really house. Thanks, man. Yeah. She's, she's a, she's a Honey baked ham. Yep. She's one hundred percent. Oh my God. I could talk about that forever. Yeah. Well, it's warm in here. Do you have anything you want to plug now? Two that's in June..

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