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The top three positions but he's gonna full tell her jim feed them a running front of arbuckle folly line down the back straight dangle pile as they race down sixteen hundred foot back stretching it dive down into the corner it is still kevin harvick chasing after tempe toa arctic running in the fifth position right now the come off turnover force single follow him on the front six maybe seven cars david donahue comes to the pit lane todd or actually geoffrey bodine is on the pit lane one driver getting the supple backward early on as well on the pit lane as we go to road jeff i'm brought his car down on the pit road and the looks like they may have done something to the motor the crews got the hood hop on it right now the motor is off and they're just shaking their head i don't know if they're going to be able to continue jeffrey bode i'd short weekend i was tempted to say short but sweet but there has not been a lot of sweetness in it for jeffrey bode i'd and the phillips sixty six team they'll try again next week it appears across the start finish line jeff green shows the way his lead now eight tenths of a second over jay solder to turn one and the field team to be strung out work their way through the corners trying to work in a second group everybody took down low it's jason jason killer tim feet away intended harvard down the back straight file once again all up against the wall as they head into turnover over three and now it looks like green is stretched his lead out to about fifty carling out four close call last time by off of turn to randy lajoie got together with another machine almost turned the car sideways although he was able to write it and continue on looking for their back in the field i sought by side battle is between clay rogers and bobby hamilton junior that's the battle for thirteenth spot it'll stay side by side in one play rogers who's gonna got nod bobby hamilton junior will pull run up alongside and now tony rage was to to get they hit them backstretch down the back straightaway sidebyside once again it's rogers down low and hamilton up high rogers gets to tires down on the white line he'll picked up position klay rodgers moves up a spot that will bump bobby hamilton back at other position into the fourteenth spot tonight's broadcast of the outback steakhouse three hundred brought to you under exclusive.

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