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It got sixty eight votes in the Senate substantial numbers of both Democrats Republicans, but it was not brought up in the house because the speaker wouldn't bring it up in part because it would have passed headed come up in the house. They'll enough votes to have it and the Republicans then operated in the house under rule that said you don't bring a Bill up unless a majority of Republicans afford, not a majority of the house, but a majority of members of their own party. So precisely because it would have passed with a bipartisan vote. It wasn't brought up. Right. If you can now get back to a full negotiation. You might be able to get a Bill that attracts enough support for both sides. Well, Senator Mitchell you have to take a break here in just a minute. There's so many aspects of what you managed in Northern Ireland that I wanted to discuss with you as well to learn from, but but in just a couple in thirty seconds or so be before we have to take a break in hearing all that you just said, though, isn't the implication that we that for any negotiation to be successful. You need to parties who are willing to act in good faith. And do we have that in Washington right now? Well, that's always difficult indoor leeann island had the additional factor of tremendous violence and the threat of violence that was a powerful motivating force people to get together that doesn't exist here. But I think there's enough of a basis to proceed in serious negotiation. All right. Well, we'll talk more about it. When we come back from a quick break that Senator George Mitchell, he was democratic Senator from Maine from nineteen eighty to nineteen ninety-five former. Senate majority leader from nineteen eighty nine thousand nine hundred ninety five and we're talking to him today because he was the United States special envoy for Northern Ireland. He helped secure the Good Friday agreement historic in nineteen ninety eight. So what lessons does this mess? Negotiator have for us in Washington over the government shutdown now, we'll be back. This is on point..

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