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The goal that i have which is to educate people to understand economics and understand the damage that the federal reserve in the. Us government are doing to the economy. I think gunnlaug understands the damage that that is being done and he knows that. I am doing an excellent job of communicating these mistakes to the public and i think he can help me reach an even larger audience and maybe even reach an audience. That may be in a position to make a difference. I know there are some people think. Oh you know. He's he doesn't want to admit he listens to you because he's worried that somehow his credibility will be diminished. He doesn't have to worry about that at all. I mean. I remember one time jim cramer on. Cnbc said something. Negative about jeff gone locke and then jeff gunnlaug. I think on twitter said well. I'm just never going to be on cnbc again. If you're going to criticize me. I'm not going to be on your air. And the very next day they forced jim cramer. Basically he had to apologize. Had a comeback crawling on his hands and knees with his tail between his legs is begging forgiveness. A gun lock. Because i'm sure that network came down on him like a ton of bricks because they could not risk having jeff gun. Lock boycott cnbc. Because he's that important of a guest. I mean whenever they have him on they roll out the red carpet. They promoted for days in advance. They give him entire hour to talk. I mean they treat them like royalty. He's the bond king and so maybe he's the reigning king and so. There's nothing that he could say. That would kick him off. Cnbc or any other mainstream media outlet. In fact it would be personally satisfied to me. I would love to see jeff. Gunnlaug mentioned my name on cnbc because nobody else is allowed to mention my name. That's why the last time when he used my analogy when he did the analogy. And i made another youtube video about that running into an old college friend and saying hey how you doing if he would have said to. Cnbc hey you know. Peter schiff has a great analogy to explain. This had he said that on cnbc and stuck it in their faces. Yeah it would have been personally satisfying to me. Because cnbc doesn't think their audience should be listening to peter ship. Because they've they banned me from their air and not that. I even want to go on anymore. I don't if they were to invite me on. I would decline. But the reason they stopped inviting me on is because they don't want their audience to hear any things. I have to say yet. Jeff gun lock is basically saying the same thing and in fact in some cases he's saying the identical thing when he's using my days so if he were to remind the people at cnbc that while they don't want their audience listening to peter schiff that he listened superior shift yes..

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