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And then that was about it we shockey so yeah if you were watching him that first year you would have thought because he was almost gronk before grunk colorful guy came out of the u with some swag and playing in a big market their camp on the numbers are so drastically different i was just remembering tight ends from the seventies i thought there's this guy named riley odom he was really good for the denver broncos he was first team all pro that means he's the best tight end in the game or one of them if forty catches and three touchdowns and he's first team all but you know there has to be a line of demarcation with tight ends of when you became more a receiver than a blocker and i don't know when that was because it might have been with kellen winslow where we're not relying on you to block but jason witten is considered a very good blocker i don't know greg olsen is considered a very good blocker it's not like people go out of their way to bring that up you know during a broadcast you know i love watching jason witten because he's a good blocker doesn't come up very often but there are certain guys who were really good at blocking who could also catch now it's you know you can catch but can you block a little bit kellen wins a second year in the league with dan fouts nineteen eighty had eighty nine catches for thirteen hundred yards that was the most ever for a tight end at that point yeah yes mclovin if you wanna stay with historical polls there's one that i was thinking about of our next guest if i gave you six three and under point guard to start a team with all time johnny stockton isaiah thomas steve nash chris paul or maybe steph curry excuse me alan iverson really point guard you would start with the yankees throwing it out there.

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