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Again, this is the Buck Sexton show. Analysts. Remember? Sex. He has to make a decision is he going to be the people's lawyer. Where's he going to be the president's lawyer, clearly this president regards the attorney general is one of his minions. He has no respect for the rule of law. In fact, utter contempt for judges and judicial process, and he has denounced relentlessly and unstintingly the FBI and other law enforcement, absolutely unprecedented shattering all the norms. William far is a professional at least he should be. And he's going to have to stand up and speak out for the department of Justice and the rule of law and that will make his ride pretty wild. I'm sure denying dick is really going to sway bar one way or the other with his usual slimy antics, they're the people he'd be the people's lawyer or one of Trump's minions look bar is a guy who has done this before. Okay. He's been to this rodeo before. He was well respected then he is well respected now, obviously can do the job. And that's why even the lunatics in the Senate on the democrat side could not come up with a real rationale to try and stop him. So he's now the attorney general, and thankfully, it looks like we are heading into the end of the Muller nightmare. Although as I've said not going to result in an end to investigations of Trump. It's not like they're gonna just say, okay. You know, what we're going to move on to other stuff now. No, they're going to keep drilling down and drilling down. Because when they can't win the argument they figure they can win just through harassment. Which is the point here just through harassment. So we'll see the special counsel ends next week. I've been telling you that for a while it looks like we lotta people reported on it, and it would make sense. But in the meantime, got some other updates for you, Roger stone. I have to tell you. I kind of like Roger, you know, every time I've talked to him interviewed him. I like Roger I liked Carter page to Carter page are really really nice friendly unpretentious, dude. And Roger stone. Look, he's a he's a character for sure. And I bet if you get on the wrong side of him. He's not very pleasant. I kinda like Roger stone. I'm a pundit. I'm allowed to like and dislike people I don't have to pretend to be neutral. And it's pretty amazing the career that he has had in politics. Stretching back for many many decades. Well, anyway, Roger is whereas a political operative at least Roger is not able to speak publicly anymore about his case that just came out today. Federal judge Amy Berman restricted stones ability to speak publicly about his case because she says stone posted and then removed a photo of the judge on Instagram that had crosshairs. Now stone said it was a Celtic cross but had crosshairs behind her head. So he gave a formal apology or rather his lawyers wrote up a formal apology for him. And I guess we're moving past the matter now, but stone is no longer. So I'm glad we got an interview with when we could over rising. I should have had him on radio. I didn't even think about that. But stone is no longer going to be able to tell the public what he thinks about the trial. He faces I'm gonna tell you this. I spoke to a democrat lawyer recently off the record about the like, he thinks stone. He grease with me because I said, I've read the stuff I think if stone fights this he won't be all the charges, but he will beat some of them the witness tampering charge is bull. It's a bull charge. He can beat that. But the way our system the way the federal prosecution works is if even if he beats that charge, but he goes to trial and other charges, and they get I mean, he's going to prison for years and years. So is he really going to see is he going to see this all the way through is he willing to see this all the way through. Well, we'll have to see. But I do think he'll beat you. Mark my words, if this goes, if this goes all the way, I think he'll win on the witness tampering charges, which will just show you even though it means a Roger will probably go to prison on the lying under oath part of this. It'll show you that the special castle was looking to just crush anybody around from and that even when at other charges that they could have made that they were trying to do the count of endless counts they were trying to stack the deck against him. And one other thing that's in the Muller. Deep state edgy Trump investigation world that's a little bit of a rough transition there. But you know, it's live radio. So. Federal prosecutors have charged an analyst with the Internal Revenue Service for illegally disclosing confidential reports about Michael Collins Bank records, this was to show that Cohen was trying to profit from his access to the Trump White House, and you might see buck who really cares about this guy. John Friday IRS analyst, which you know. Hey, I'm in Delaware as an IRS analyst. Why are we talking about this guy? Well, because yet again, we have a federal bureaucrat another one of these government employees who was willing. Was willing to throw his career and perhaps his freedom away. Just to get a little Pat on the head from some journals at the Washington Post and the New Yorker. Assuming this is true. Again, assuming that this is true. That's that's what I think we all need to keep in mind here. It's possible. It's not true. But it's probably. Why is it that you didn't have this? I speak to you often about the mentality. In the federal government that is status in its inclinations and therefore favors Democrats and favors the system in general. So with all that why is it that we expect that they'll be these kinds of leaks against Trump more deep staters that are deciding to take a an opportunity to just put something out there. The news should take down. Trump look at that woman. Who was gosh. She had very her name was like victory champion or something. Right. What was her name reality winner? I think it was that was that her name. And look, my name's Buck Sexton. I know but reality winners quite a name. I think she didn't. She get five years in federal prison for leaking classified information. Because she thought that it proved Russia, collusion or something? I mean, people are hysterical inside the government, and they will abuse. These hysterical left is inside the government will abuse their sensitive and classified access illegally as long as it hurts Trump or someone around Trump. You just did not have this. During the Obama years. Nobody was risking their freedom to try to damage Obama in the news cycle for a day or two nobody in the federal government was doing that. Now, they just weren't. And of course, Obama was horrible on leakers as we know. He was the worst the worst of user of the espionage act in in American history and the most aggressive president in dealing with the in going after the press probably since FDR, Woodrow Wilson. So going on one hundred years the media, they loved Obama. He could do no wrong. So they they weren't particularly they they were strongly worded letter. That's not very nice Obama. But they didn't do anything serious. They were certainly weren't opposing the administration based on that. But this guy who is now charged with leaking the tax tax information about about Michael Cohen, you're going to see more of this you we should all expect I fully expect that someone is going to leak Trump's tax returns at some point. It's just did they're waiting to see if the process if now the democrat, congress can get it. But if they are stymied in this if they're not able to leak Trump's tax returns to things will happen. I think I'm making a prediction. I don't know. Somebody will just aside from within the IRS from within the government to violate their ethical and legal obligation to get Trump's tax returns out there. And what we will see is a total nothing burger. It's gonna make the molar report when it comes out look like the godfather series. I mean, it's just gonna be so boring. There's nothing in Trump's taxes. That is worth anyone's time. I assure you. I think he doesn't want to give it out to the public right now. Just because he doesn't want to because they keep telling me has to and that's just Trump's way. But I think somebody is going to leak from within the IRS is gonna lead Trump's tax returns. That's my and the press is gonna say oh, look at this. We just happen to have the tax returns people are willing to risk prison to embarrass this president think about that not to expose wrongdoing to embarrass this president or anyone around him. That's how Trump derangement syndrome has infected the federal bureaucracy. We'll be right back..

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