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We certainly believe that was a big part of the success. Blessing and definitely the you know the six and seven day workweek. God blessing hard work. I tried it was louis. I try to communicate this all the time because people miss that right right. God blesses but strangely got really blesses people who work are they do. That's that's just a fact of a. I think the bible god worked. Yeah absolutely and so It was sold out two thousand six. And then i had a non compete for five years so i was basically lockdown and so i got to do the big corporation thing israel and i really learned that this is no longer i want to do and i was like. I don't feel like i have purpose anymore. You know when you're working for a family business you you you're working for your employees and you wanna make them successful right and just like at mighty oaks. I wanna make you know. I wanna do my part to make these men and women successful rio and and going through these programs. That's that's what i love. And so as i kind of my heart was changing. I was like well. What can i do. What's my passion. Had a friend who's a mentor has employed rib. And he's just a he's a great man and he's a he's a life coach so he's kind of a friend of the family and i got to spend two days with him down in laguna beach and he basically unpacked me and ask me probing questions like i've never been house before my life and it basically comes down. What do you want to do with your life. And so we peel the onion back. Essential and had been came to get more bodies in heaven through jesus specifically for our nation's warriors for veterans. What were some of the questions that he asked you. That brought you to that. Then the best question he asked me is if you can do anything in life for free. What would you do if money was not an issue. And you've heard people ashrat before and that really got me thinking. I want to help veterans. My heart is for veterans. And especially as you learn the epidemic of The suicide rate. That's going on right now. Which surprisingly some people. Most people don't know a lot of people don't know yeah and it's it's surprising to me and honestly i didn't know that at the time either so i was in that category and so when i learned about that I was totally taken back. I think this is my calling I got athletics. I was able to get educated. I was able to serve the marine corps. And i got to learn business now..

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