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Say they were able to match DNA's samples obtained from the blast scene with samples they obtained from Warner's property. CBS News has learned. They also matched those samples with DNI. They gathered from orders mother now as far as a motive goes, authorities say they are still looking into that, but they are considering the possibility. The water may have been targeting the communications infrastructure here in national correspondent Moola lying a police say a gunman opened fire inside an Illinois bowling alley Saturday night. Rockford police Chief Dan O'Shea. We're done with the active shooter. At this point. We believe we have the scene secure and we believe person of interest in custody. Three people were killed. Three others hurt during that attack, the latest on covert 19 in the U. S. The epicenter California We're nearly 20,000 are hospitalized and I see you. Capacity is zero. In L. A county. Some hospitals report. They're running low on oxygen, and people read those on the front lines still at risk, A recent report found nearly 3000 health care workers nationwide have died since the start of the pandemic. Almost two thirds people of color correspondent Lilia Luciano in L. A golfer Greg Norman, is hospitalized in Florida after testing positive 17 17 people reported missing after a fishing boat sank in the Barents Sea off the northern coast of Russia. Late your obituaries in the news tonight Baseball Hall of Famer Phil Niekro, the knuckleball pitcher, one more than 300 games. He was 81 Alan Canfora was an outspoken survivor of the May 1970 shooting. It can state he was 71 salsa fans mourning the loss of Puerto Rican singer Tito RoHaas. Even Paedo RoHaas released more than 25 albums. He was 65. This is CBS News. Let's start this weekend at the White House from Washington to the world Correspondent Steve Futterman is in New Zealand. Catch the CBS News weekend round up on the radio and online. NEWSMAX TV. Everyone's talking about it. 30 Million people are watching news Max for real News on President Trump, Biden the election and more and make sure you vote in Newsmax is national poll asking if President Trump should concede. Just text fish to 39 747 and vote instantly..

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