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A family's quarantine like I know guys on our team would take other guys in especially local guys for what if they're quarantined. Or what if they don't the rest of the family is not comfortable with somebody coming in from the outside that might bring the virus. It's something we're going to have to look at you as it's just the riots every step. I'm going to give you one light. One four favorite players in college basketball history like this. We're going to have to be Nova guys we got. We got like four favorite like when you were growing up. Who is your favorite players? Then I'll tell you what's really cool for me. One of my favorite players. I was eleven years old. Is Chris Ford? You remember him at Villanova. Oh Yeah Chris Forbes Great Villanovan tune you because he was like six six four six five guard and I was like. I wasn't that big yet but I was like a call. Lanky point guard. He he was my favorite player in seventy warm and they went to the championship game against Ucla I just love him. And I it's so. Cold has become such a great friend of mine. And he's such a humble guy and I always say with all the Great Players Still Got Wales in Jalen Brunson and archer. That's Joe still my favorite player man and But I I also I love pizza. Vich Love Pete Manet's when he was Lsu man. I used to every time they show they show his games. I thought he was unbelievable. there was a guy in Philadelphia. Michael Brooks Michael Brooks. Oh Man. He was he was so fundamentally sound. I loved him and they'd probably my other favorite grown up again. They're all big five guys up here. So but remember Corky. Calhoun played a pen then played the date for the sons. I think he was. I don't know if I like them. So much. Ten really good that or just had a great name and we'll play like in the place that we would just say cody cattle..

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