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Predators three years forsberg crossed the line drive to stick candle spectacular four to nashville austin watson tries to steal it and as he went to the nettie shot at wide with a backhander colton two five two with a minute fifty seven ago take game one by a five to school there you go big period for the predators to close this went out of course phil forsberg right back at it after the hat trick in the season but he's gonna get it again tonight six minutes and eight seconds in yosi shot from the point four's berg in front and he would be often running this period or get the lead back up three two yeah that was what a play from romeo sees he was awesome tonight pretty good i mean he is all over the place it was a nice play i don't know if that was it's like a balanced pat hit something or is it just kind of yeah i don't know i don't i it's kind of weird why but nice play.

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