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How does just make it to bring some intensity back to it that had been lost and so the nba in introduced a bunch of different changes they played for charity this year the increase the bonuses for the players so that the winners got one hundred thousand each and they of course mixed up the rosters it was no longer east versus west it was team steffers as team braun admittedly i was very sceptical that it would change anything in terms of how the game actually unfolded but it did seem to make a difference or something did maybe it was just the consciousness of the fact that this thing had gotten away from them and become kind of silly and they needed to make it at least feel like it mattered again like the game mattered like they cared about the outcome and i think we saw game that at least in the fourth quarter had players feeling like they cared about the outcome most exemplified almost comically by that blown coal late in the game the ball that was cut cold out of bounds an initially on him beat and then sent to replay and i think replay actually got it wrong and the players were actually little incensed which okay i think we're used to seeing players incensed about refereeing especially this season it's been a constant theme but that they were actually carrying enough about the result of his allstar game to react at all i found kind of amusing but also a positive sign so anyway michael i got into all of that we broke down the rest of allstar weekend saturday nights don't contest and you know talked a little bit about where this season's going we're down to the last twenty something games for every team still a lot of intrigue left and we get to all of that while the support staffers use me the the just general staples center staff breaks down the concourse around us so port in the background noise and a brief interruption from staples center security but.

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