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Do go waits on the one hand the pitch. We're gonna fall out of play. Giants, go to Awda. Will they see airs Ona's do best starters ranking or Ravi ready? What do you think? And what's the answer to that? No drink you pitch. Yesterday. Robbie Ray pitch today. Do go roles one to second for panic who has it throws the first one. They were looking for a little little positives. Those guys are really, really good. So with one out here Austin Barnes. Barnes, takes a pitch inside when ball and no strikes. And the giants left he throws Barnes Jake's inside. Kent. My aid is on. The two delivery to Barnes and Barnes fouls it out of play. The upper deck is good hitting pitcher into my ADA. Bumgarner got and now Holland. It's six one dodgers. The pitch is just a little. Oh, three balls. And one strike. Majeida swinging the bat in the circle. So Barnes weights and the pitch. And there's a bouncing ball into the hall innovate about the fourth hit. For the dodgers that they've had right? Between longoria in Crawford. So here's my Asia. While night is wanted for science. We'd like to remind everybody that orange Friday June twenty eighth. Giants have celebrate the class of twenty nine thousand five hundred grad night, especially liar, you're gonna receive special twenty nineteen outta here t shirt and a ticket to the giants or the be back. Seven fifteen start. That's giants dot gov slash vessel events. Mighty shows bunt any budget, and it's a good one cozy out very as it grows. The panic covering and on one pitch Majeida with a sacrifice fly that or sacrifice fund. That goes to four. Ears PK Hernandez. Hernandez ended up. Scoring two runs in this game. He got hit on the foot in the first inning. Cutter from Bumgarner. And then he single in the fourth. Here's the pitch, and it's inside bricky ball one ball. No strikes..

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