Robert Pittenger, Dan Mccreevy, Nancy Pelosi discussed on Charlotte at Six


And our food critic will be here right now little politicking getting ready for the fall campaign in the ninth district congressional seat it was a big week charlotte congressman robert pittenger dumped by republicans in the primary on tuesday so mark harris will take on democrat dan mccreevy both album newcomers to politics really mccreadie told me yesterday here on the show he's not going to run a bash trump campaign even though he's a democrat and says he will not support democratic leader nancy pelosi if he is elected americans are are really angry frustrated and they should be i am to what's going on in washington both sides that's why from day one of this campaign i said i will not vote for nancy pelosi or paul ryan hey let's check in with abc's top political guy reclines on the line with us rick mccreadie heard they're sort of running in a way as a democrat who's a non democrat it's a connor lamb playbook happened in pittsburgh a couple of a couple of months ago it a lot of people are talking about too you know it's the kind of district they hope to be successful on it's really really interesting but you know if the democrats are going to try to regain a seat here that's been republican since nineteen sixty three it seems like their strategy would be to bash trump yeah but here's the thing is you know if if democrats going be successful this year they're going to have to convince a lot of trump voters to vote for them and especially in in trump backing states and trump packing district so you can energize the anti trump forces but you you don't wanna make voters feel dumb for their mistakes or or perceived mistakes and a lot of trump voters most trump voters don't think they made a mistake so it's a really tough thing if you're a democrat running these districts that to try to throw that needle plus in this district a third of the voters are independents and that's going to be an interesting factor appealing to those too.

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