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And noteworthy, at apple for a while now and it's. Up pretty high in the charts Myself in pad and, Glenn doc, Thompson Sarah Gonzales a really good conversation about the news of the day you can go there and you remember. To you can subscribe to the place the place dot com, slash TV if you subscribe there you can get all the shows you get all the, you know there's a lot of extra stuff that we put. Up there every day on the news. And why it matters there's an, extra segment, called the news and white. Matters, overtime which is trying to become the longest, show title of. Any show in in, modern history but it's. An extra ten fifteen minutes. Of us. Going over additional things become much. More than that sometimes it's. Almost like an hour he'll say longer than the actual show yes sometimes it is Lago than the, actual show which is good if you're a subscriber you'll probably likes good so definitely time doing it. We do I actually. Liked doing that show it's a lot of fun and the other thing is what's great, about it is Jeff is not there right No definitely not what are you gonna come on No no. No what I'm being shadow band Maybe Really we need to look into. That I, mean look into the Jeffey shadow van now with a lot of effort. Though, no I just looked into Okay There's no. Shadow We'll look into it with the same effort that social media puts. Into conservative complaints It's. All over there's. No no. Shadow batting going on. Yeah so that's good. To hear anytime you want thank you don't worry about it don't worry about, it have you seen the things are so bad in Venezuela in this socialist utopia So. It's hard to. Believe because, it is a socialist utopia. We. Heard about that from Sean. Penn and Danny. Glover and. All these big time. Hollywood celebrities who went. Down there and love chevette and the socialist things going on everything was great It's, an oil rich country it's a first world nation they're doing. Fantastically well things are so bad they don't even have running. Water most of the time was an article written by somebody who lives there talking, about the fact that win they're lucky there's a trickle that flows through their apartment. Buildings rickety pipes He says when I'm. Lucky they deliver as much as thirty straight minutes worth of water whoa that's enough to fill up a, two hundred. Or so gallon tank in my kitchen and trigger a celebration I'll do something crazy and run the. Water until it gets hot before a jump. Into the shower if that happens the tank is who could hooked up to the. Buildings distribution system so he, doesn't have to be there to collect it but in the, past, he didn't, have that and so. You had to be home in order to collect water. And have, water so apparently, in Caracas Venezuela they go without reliable access to all kinds. Of, basic essentials food water medicine and toilet paper toothpaste they don't have these things because it's all dried up So they don't do. The dishes they don't flush, their toilets they don't take showers they are in a really, really, terrible situation, where they can't even. Get the water to run through their pipes in Venezuela I don't know how this, isn't being talked about more you know it's kind of like the situation in South Africa where Seems like people just don't know about. It and, the people who do know about it just dismiss it Wrenches. Kind of what's happened in South. Africa what an odd moment for the Democrats to openly embraced democratic socialist here's, a giant example of it.

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